Some Words About Us

The founders of ProLawn Turf have been designing and installing custom synthetic putting greens, golf practice areas, and artificial lawn projects in Southern California since 1998. Starting their careers with one of the largest synthetic turf companies in the world, the team developed a passion for the industry and gained a technical expertise that few can rival. After many years, and thousands of projects, the team aspired to take the technology to the next level. As a result of this passion and experience, and in cooperation with a leading American turf manufacturer, they helped to develop a unique product line that not only ranks amongst the highest in quality worldwide, but is arguably head and shoulders above any turf product in overall logic and functionality.

Unique attributes such as a 100% permeable geo-textile backing system, NO shine yarns, Heat Reduction Technology, and grass blades engineered for resiliency have been developed to satisfy the demand of first generation turf clients who have experienced the downside of the common “fake grass.” Discontinued use of the black crumb rubber in-fill systems has also created a cleaner, cooler, and less harmful turf solution. In an industry that is being fueled by the “GREEN” movement, ProLawn’s products are grouped amongst a select few that can claim they are truly 100% RECYCLABLE artificial turf products. ProLawn is proud to have helped to develop a 100% polyolefin based product line that contains no urethane, latex, or nylon, which would limit whole product recyclability.

Equally as important as the product being installed are the installers working on your project. ProLawn crews are comprised of experienced installers who share the owner’s passion to be the best in the industry. With an average experience level of 8 years, ProLawn’s crew members are skilled and efficient. History has proven that ProLawn’s clients are just as impressed with the crew members as they are with the final outcome of the turf project.

Our initial focus is not just to make a sale, but to educate you on your options and why we do what we do…then you can decide!


Square Feet Installed
Years Experience
Projects Designed and Installed

A Passion for Perfection

As in any industry, not all turf products or installation companies are created equal. ProLawn Turf stands head and shoulders above the competition in each of these three important areas. ProLawn’s unique products, proven installation process, and master trained personnel have earned them a reputation for being amongst the best in the country.

  • Over 21 Years of Industry Experience
  • Over 4,000 + projects Personally Installed
  • Over 3,000,000 + sq.ft. Personally Installed
  • Master Trained Crews
  • All English Speaking Crews
  • Properly Licensed
  • Workers Comp and Liability Insured
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Turf is Always Made in the USA!
  • Residential and Commercial Projects

Meet the PROLAWN TURF Team

Mike Clark

Mike Clark

CEO, co-founder

Phone: 1-877-405-LAWN (5296)

Mike Clark, CEO of Player’s Choice Putting Greens and ProLawn Turf, in the competition heavy Southern California market, has been designing and selling synthetic turf amenities for over 19 years. Mike has been diligent in making sure that the materials used are the absolute best available worldwide. Throughout this process, he has become an expert on turf components and has aligned with manufacturers who share the same standard and have the drive to improve. With seasoned tenure in the turf installation industry, he has been involved in the evolution of turf products and continues to seek out innovative materials and methods of installation that cannot be rivaled.

This philosophy has paid off in spades in his local market. Pairing the best materials with expert installation, Mike has successfully built a thriving installation company that exists almost exclusively on referrals and repeat business from the building trades. “Building tour quality golf greens and artificial lawns is not rocket science, but it is a science. Installation companies who employ subcontractors and purchase turf based on the lowest available price are doing a disservice to the entire industry.” Mike employs a handful of master trained installers and ensures that they have the absolute best, most functional turf products available. Mike believes that you can build a business by doing things right and letting ethics guide your decisions.

“Strive not to be successful, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Mark Hyatt

Mark Hyatt

Master Builder, co-founder

Phone: (951)-970-3596

Mark Hyatt has over 20 years of industry experience and is considered one of the best synthetic turf installers in the world. After just two years in the business, Mark began working with the largest synthetic golf green company in the world. Mark was handpicked to be the lead installer for high profile synthetic turf projects both nationally and internationally. His techniques and work ethic became the benchmark for the company’s installation system. Today, Mark has installed over 4,000 + turf projects representing millions of square feet. His experience and expertise is unrivaled. Mark manages the construction of all of ProLawn’s projects and personally trains each crew member.

Mark has worked on multiple projects with the golf course architects at Nicklaus Design and PGA Professionals such as Fred Couples, Tom Pernice Jr., and Hank Haney. He has also built projects for dozens of high profile clients including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, hall of fame athletes, and foreign royalty. His projects have been featured on national landscape television networks and a nationally recognized magazine’s list ranking the top backyards in the country.

“A person who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it!” – Chinese Proverb