Artificial Grass San Diego

Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to resemble natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. 

However, it is now also used in residential lawns and commercial applications. The main reason is maintenance: artificial turf withstands heavy use, such as in sports, and does not require watering or trimming. Domed, covered and partially covered stadiums may require artificial turf due to the difficulty of obtaining sufficient sunlight to maintain turf health. 

However, artificial turf has its disadvantages: limited lifespan, periodic cleaning requirements, use of petroleum, toxic infill chemicals, and increased health and safety concerns.

Types of artificial grass

There are basically 2 types of artificial turf on the market, with many variations on both: those that require silica sand and those that do not. This sand is used to fill the grass and give it a more natural look. New technologies no longer need this complement.

Among all the variants, there are cheaper models that are not so similar to traditional grass and there are others that are. There are also more expensive models that withstand UV rays, and therefore its durability will be much greater. It is simply a matter of looking for the product that suits your taste and budget.

Advantages of using artificial grass 

You will have more time to enjoy your garden

Artificial grass allows you to spend much more time in the garden, but not to work in it, but to enjoy it. You will no longer have to mow the grass, water every day or replant the areas of the garden where no new grass grows.

Your lawn will always be green, always at the same height and always have the same thickness in all areas. By simply cleaning it frequently and wetting it to prevent dust from accumulating, you will have a garden that is always beautiful and always ready for you and your visitors.

You will save a lot of water

Surely you are concerned about saving water. We all know how important this is these days because water is becoming a scarce commodity. Even in areas of San Diego that have never cared about water before, you can now see how there have been cutbacks some summers.

By not having to water the lawn to keep it green, but just wet it down to dust it off, the expense of water is greatly reduced and there is no need to worry in case of drought, the grass will be green without the need for water.

The garden will always be green and thick

One of the consequences of drought is that gardens are left with areas where grass does not sprout. This also happens after frost or snow. It is horrible to see a garden full of “bald spots” and it is necessary to invest a lot of money and time in replanting the whole field.


Artificial grass is always lush and green and you will not see any missing areas. It will always look nice and ready to be enjoyed, both in summer and winter.

You won’t have as many insects

It may not seem like a very important detail, but if you are allergic to wasp or bee stings, you probably don’t like to go out in the field when the weather is nice because these insects are always among the flowers that grow in the middle of the grass.

Artificial grass is not real grass and therefore will not attract insects. If you are careful not to eat in the garden so as not to attract wasps with the sweet smells of soft drinks, you will be able to sit and enjoy a day in the countryside without them hovering over your head.

Do you need to install artificial grass in your backyard? 

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Artificial Grass San Diego