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Artificial Grass Installed the Prolawn Difference

As in any industry, not all turf products or installation companies are created equal. ProLawn Turf stands head and shoulders above the competition in each of these three important areas. ProLawn’s final products, warranties, and an earned reputation for installing QUALITY synthetic turf applications exemplify this fact. Get artificial grass installed the right way, with a Prolawn Difference. 

It Starts with the Prolawn Products

DuraFlo Backing

ProLawn uses the patented Duraflo Backing System that allows for 100% drainage throughout the entire surface. In fact, this non-woven polyolefin backing system, applied by a hot-melt polyolefin adhesive process, produces a product that drains at a measured rate that is more than twice as permeable as the damaging hole punch methods used in urethane and latex. This adhesion process also makes ProLawn’s products more pliable and more dimensionally stable than it’s rubber backed competition. This backing system is important to the life of the product and the necessary functionality…read more about this backing system here….CLICK HERE.

TuffSpine™ Fibers

One of the most common complaints with artificial turf is the tendency of the fibers to mat down over time in traffic areas. Most of the fibers available are flat, or oval shaped and with any amount of foot traffic, they lay down fairly quickly. The fibers used in all ProLawn Turf products were made with a cylindrical shaft that runs up the middle of each blade. This shaft promotes resiliency by making the fibers want to return to the standing position. While turf all turf is essentially carpet and you may see some matting, our fibers take longer to lay down and are easier to stand back up thanks to the ProLawn TuffSpine™!

Low Luster Fibers

Another complaint with turf products is that the fibers, once installed, are very shiny and look very unrealistic. One sure fire way to pick our a fake lawn is the lustrous appearance of morning dew….except it’s the middle of hte day and it is 90 degrees out! ProLawn Turf’s entire product line is made with a unique low luster yarn to reduce reflection and give the turf a much more realistic look. This reduces glare also helps to promote cooler temperatures in direct sunlight.

100% Recyclable!

No Pun Intended, but not all synthetic turf products are truly “GREEN”! The majority of the turf products available on the market today are made of components that would have to be separated from each other in order to be called recyclable. (urethan and latex rubber, nylon fibers) The likelihood that these non-recyclable parts will be separated from the recyclable polyethylene is low, meaning most turf products being installed today are bound for a landfill. With hundreds of thousands of square feet being installed every year, this is going to become a major problem in the future. ProLawn’s Grass products are 100% in their installed form. They are made from 100% polyolefin materials and are not landfill bound. They are truly “GREEN” products!

Realistic Colors

We know that you do not want to sacrifice the beauty of natural grass when installing an artificial, low-water lawn. ProLawn has worked with turf manufacturers for years to create the most realistic replicas of the indigenous grasses to those in Southern California. We offer, by far, the most realistic color combinations available on the market today. Our products have a minimum of 3 fiber colors with variable blade heights and widths to create a natural looking lawn.


ProLawn Turf offers an unmatched 15 YEAR Limited Warranty. Turf warranties typically cover fading and UV degradation, but should something go wrong, you are responsible for the labor to re-install the new turf. ProLawn covers all the labor needed to replace your lawn in the case of a turf warranty claim. We feel good about this warranty because we use the best products available on the market today. Having had only 1 UV Warranty claim in the last 26 years of making turf, our manufacturer feels pretty good about their warranty too!

Low Abrasion

Synthetic Turf is, in essence, carpet. A common complaint with the products used on football fields is the “rug burns”. Although most of us aren’t having artificial grass installed for football or soccer, our kids are going to give it good use. ProLawn’s Monoslide Pro fibers provide the lowest abrasion factor of any fiber available on the market today. It is a safer product for kids.

The Prolawn Process

Site Preparation

A successful, long lasting synthetic grass installation begins with proper site preparation. ProLawn Turf has prepared thousands of projects for installation. Considerations such as drainage and irrigation, the type of grass being removed, and soil composition determine the proper method of preparation. Further concerns are addressed such as borders or the future desired contour of the new artificial lawn are addressed and taken into account when determining the best plan of attack on site preparation.

Base Materials

The reasons to install a gravel sub-base for an artificial lawn application are primarily the drainage and assurance of a consistent grade. The laying of turf over dirt or Decomposed Granite opens the turf installation up to future problems that may be caused by excessive moisture. The founders or ProLawn turf learned this lesson the hard way when a large installation failed after a large rain storm in 2001. After the no cost replacement of that project, and since that day, ProLawn Turf installs over a virgin Class II Road Base. Specified by CalTrans as the material used as a underlayment for streets and highways, Class II Base consists of a 3/4″ rock and smaller. The 3/4″ rock allows the base to permeate without getting soft. The smaller rocks in the material act as a bonding agent to allow the base to be graded smooth. This material stands alone as the best material for artificial grass sub-base construction.


Each ProLawn Turf installation is graded with several things in mind. Of paramount concern is water-flow and drainage so in the event of a torrential downpour, water will flow as required by city codes. Integrating these drainage concerns while creating a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing design is why experience counts. ProLawn’s experienced journeyman are responsible for grading every project. ProLawn encourages home owners and project managers to be available to see the final base design prior to installation of the synthetic surface. The ProLawn sales staff will discuss desired elevations with you to ensure complete satisfaction.


Proper turf layout can make a difference between a project that last, and a project prone to problems. Turf layout can also play a big role in project cost. ProLawn Turf minimizes the amount of seams necessary to complete projects. While this may force cost to be slightly above competitors who piece projects together, the ProLawn method minimizes the risk of seam separation in the future. ProLawn Turf uses the state of the art technology in their seaming methods, a 20 year life expectancy is a long time. Having less seams works at an insurance policy against potential issues.


ProLawn guarantees every seam. With over a decade of putting seams together, we know what works. Seams are cut within a 1/4″ and adhered using one of several methods depending on the application. Common methods include the use of a bituthane tape, mylar seam underlayment with Nordot 34-N synthetic turf adhesive, or a geotextile seam underlayment with Turf Grip #45. These methods are used at the recommendation of the turf manufacturers and are the same methods used at stadiums world-wide.


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “NON IN-FILL” TURF PRODUCT!!! Although ProLawn Turf offers no products that require the black rubber in-fill, sand is still recommended by every manufacturer to prevent the expansion and contraction of turf as ambient temperatures change. We install a small amount (typically 3-4.5 lbs./sq. ft. of sand in the turf to ensure that your turf does not wrinkle throughout the year. We provide options for a standard silica sand or a DURAFILL Anti-microbial sand. ProLawn also offers FLEX SAND polymer coated sand for satisfaction of GMAX or HIC ratings. FLEX SAND is a silica sand coated with a food grade rubber for soft feel and impact absorption. Our methods have been proven and are backed by leading manufacturers.


At ProLawn Turf, one phrase has been spoken, possibly, more than any other. “Happy Customers are in the details” ProLawn understands that even if you have just had a beautiful turf project installed, if you find your driveway is a mess, the quality of the turf installation does not matter. Being conscientious of your property, and leaving it better than we left it is our policy.

The Prolawn Personnel

Experienced Leadership

The Founders of ProLawn Turf have been installing artificial turf products in California since 1999. Starting their careers with one of the largest synthetic putting green companies in the world gave them a higher level of training. Synthetic golf greens require a skill level far above a synthetic lawn installer. In order to create perfect ball roll, precision to the point of perfection is required in all phases of construction. Due to this extensive training, ProLawn turf is a Manufacturer Certified Trainer and applies this vast expertise on every project today!

Mike Clark

President/CEO Mike Clark possesses an extensive background professional sales and landscape. He previously owned and operated his own landscape maintenance company and applies the principals of good business. Holding California Contractors Licenses in both Landscape Construction (C-27) and Synthetic Products (C-61/D-12) Classifications, he prides himself on running a reputable company. He maintains the strict discipline of installing quality without fail, and he believes that, although no one is perfect, we can all strive to be. A focus on customer service is what has helped him build ProLawn into one of the most respected turf installation companies in the area!



Sales Team

At ProLawn Turf, an emphasis is placed on education. Artificial turf is considered a fairly new industry. Most consumers that begin the process of researching the different turf products are starting at ground zero. The sales team at ProLawn Turf strives to provide potential clients with as much knowledge as possible, and then let them decide. They employ a low pressure, relaxed approach to the sales experience and find that most customers feel appreciate this method of selling.


Installation Crews

ProLawn is not your average turf company, and therefore cannot employ your average turf installer. Prolawn maintains a reputation in the construction of synthetic golf areas that few can rival. ProLawn’s most recent high profile installation consisted of 33,000 sq. ft. of turf with over 10,000 sq. ft. of golf green for a major league baseball player. These type of projects require a skilled craftsman with an eye for design and a intricate knowledge of the turf installation process. ProLawn is proud to have a highly trained and experienced crew on every project. We do things right the first time and that is as important to us as it is to you!

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