Artificial Turf for Pets: The Only Choice

artificial turf for pets

Are you a pet owner looking for the perfect fake turf to keep your furry friends happy and safe? Artificial grass specifically engineered for pets is an excellent choice, as it provides numerous benefits both for you as a homeowner and certainly for your beloved pets. Not only does artificial grass help reduce lawn maintenance costs, but it also helps protect against muddy paws and urine smell due to its drainage capabilities.

PROLawn Turf’s 100% permeable ProFlow backing system is designed to allow moisture to drain through 100% of the products’ backing. This drainage system offers far higher permeability rates than the more common and typical urethane / latex backed turf products offered by other artificial grass manufacturers and installers. Another benefit to this pet-specific line of turf is the low pile height. The low pile height increases the overall density of the turf, making it intrinsically more durable and much easier to pick up solid pet waste. These unique characteristics make PROLawn’s artificial pet turf products the most pet friendly products available on the market today.

Additionally, artificial turf for pets offers several advantages when it comes to lawn maintenance. Unlike real grass, pet turf requires no mowing or fertilizing and little to no water. This saves you time and money in the long run. Plus, fake pet grass is designed for heavy pet traffic – so there’s no need to worry about worn patches or brown spots due to digging, running around or urine stains.

Having an artificial pet turf means your pets will always have a comfortable place to relax outdoors. Our synthetic pet turf products feature soft blades that cushion their joints while they play and relax, reducing stress on their bodies while allowing them to enjoy being outside and soaking up some sunshine. Since artificial pet turf is non-toxic, pet owners don’t need to worry about their pet ingesting any harmful chemicals that could be present in real grass. Finally, as already mentioned, our fake grass for pets is designed for efficient drainage and helps prevent unpleasant odors caused by pet urine. With our artificial pet turf, your yard will smell fresh and inviting all the time.

Here at PROLawn Turf we’ve been engineering, manufacturing and installing artificial turf for 25 years in the SoCal region. That’s why we both understand the needs of pet owners and are able to provide the best in quality and safety for your furry friends. That’s why our pet turf products are designed with both you and your pet’s needs in mind. Not only will artificial pet grass help reduce lawn maintenance costs, but it also provides a comfortable place outdoors for your pet to relax while protecting against muddy paws and urine smell.

For more specific details on our artificial turf for pets and to find the perfect one for your pet, please visit or contact us at 877-405-LAWN. We’re here to make sure you and your pet have the best experience possible with the artificial turf installation process – Thanks for choosing PROLawn Turf.

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