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How to Choose the Best Artificial Turf for You


Before even thinking about which type of artificial turf you should go with, you should double check that your city and/or HOA allows artificial turf. Most cities and HOAs allow artificial turf in the backyard, but some are strict on their rules for the front yard. When researching where you want to buy your artificial turf from, you should always make sure that the turf meets your HOA’s guidelines and rules. You should also be sure you are buying certified products only and never generic. You also want to always be sure that the installers are licensed and have proper experience in installing artificial grass because laying down regular turf is different from laying down artificial grass. The more experience a company has in the artificial grass industry, the better.

close up of no shine,realistic artificial grassMoving on to choosing the actual fake grass itself, you should always consider the use of the turf. Do you have dogs that will be using it or is it just for aesthetics? Do you need it to be durable because there’s a lot of foot traffic and/or heavy objects constantly going over it? Most importantly, do you want this to last for years and years to come? If you know you are buying this artificial turf for your pets and kids to run and play on in the backyard, you should definitely go with a pet-friendly artificial grass. This means one with some type of drainage system for when your dogs go to the bathroom. You should also consider artificial grass that has heat reduction technology installed in it to help with the heat of the artificial grass during summer. If dogs and kids are going to be playing on this artificial grass, you don’t want them burning their paws or hands and feet. If you are just wanting artificial grass for aesthetic purposes or for putting greens, you can get away with not buying turf that has all this added to it. You should always want your artificial turf to look the most realistic as possible though. Do your research to find the turf that looks the most real. Look at turf with no shine, and look at how the fake grass strands are cut. How high do you want your artificial grass to be as well? One inch, two inches, three inches, etc.? That’s going to determine how real your artificial turf will look as well.

Infill is another important thing to consider when looking for artificial grass. Crumb rubber infill smells and has been linked to health concerns, so using sand silica, round silica granules, Envirofill, thatch, or subangular silica might be a better choice of infill for you and your needs depending on what you’re using the artificial grass for. Always be sure to ask what type of infill a company uses to ensure it meets your needs.

Last, you should always know all the negatives to each type of artificial turf you are considering and compare them to each other. Look at the price differences and what you are wanting, which artificial turf makes the most sense in the long run?

Go ahead and compare us to other artificial grass installers, we ensure you we can’t be beat.


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