Different Types of Artificial Turf

You may think all turf products are the same, but there are many different types of artificial turf products that are used for different reasons. Not all turf products are treated equal because they all have different purposes and features for what they’re designed for. Below are the four most common different types of artificial turf used today. They are all designed to achieve or help with a specific thing.

Landscape Turf – One of the most common types of turf today is landscape turf. Landscape turf is turf that is used for residential purposes normally. This artificial grass is the most realistic looking of the artificial turfs because of the different types of blades and colors. The different colored thatch is what makes it look more realistic. In addition, our artificial landscape turf has no shine and has heat reduction technology to help with the heat. Landscape turf is usually the turf that’s installed on lawns.

Pet Turf – In addition to the benefits of landscape turf, pet owners will need one step above that type of turf to satisfy their pets’ needs. Pet turf is an artificial turf product that has some type of backing that allows for drainage. One hundred percent permeable backing systems, like our pet turf at ProLawn Turf, helps urine drain through the turf completely. This type of turf requires infills such as silica sand and durafill for larger dogs. Pet turf can be installed in residential and commercial areas.

Putting Green TurfPutting green turf is completely different from landscape or pet turf. There are two different types of artificial turf that can be used for putting greens: nylon and polypropylene. Nylon requires no infill and is best for indoor putting greens and miniature golf courses. Nylon is the more affordable option, but also is the lowest in quality. A more durable, longer- lasting option for greens is polypropylene. Polypropylene requires sand infill, so it makes for a better, smoother game. This type of turf is best for outdoors and should be professionally installed due to the details required in the installation of this type of putting green turf. Here at ProLawn Turf, we use polypropylene for the best results every time.

Field and Playground TurfField turf is turf meant for athletic purposes in mind such as sports, gyms, parks, etc. Short length artificial turf products are used for fields and are filled with crumb rubber infill. This all helps make the turf more cushiony and soft to prevent injuries. Field turf also dries faster to stop the turf from staying wet or muddy. Due to the health concerns with crumb rubber infill, many people have begun changing the way they install the field turf. Many sports fields are now installed like how playground turf is installed. Similar to playground turf, short length artificial turf products (approximately 2 inches) are used and then cushions are installed underneath the artificial turf to give it cushion and bounce. The amount of cushion installed underneath is based off the fall height. When field turf is installed the same way as playground turf, this takes away the health concerns that come with crumb rubber infill.

Switching to artificial turf can be sometimes confusing because of all the contradicting information out there and all the different types of products, so we’re here to help you out. If you have any other questions or wish to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call at 877-405-5296!

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