Discover the Best Infill for Your Artificial Turf:

What is infill? Infill is a granular material that is spread on top of the turf after installation. It is an essential component of artificial turf, providing numerous benefits such as:

1. Adds stability and levels the turf surface.

2. Enhances the resilience of the backing for added cushioning.

3. Keep the artificial grass blades upright and pristine.

While all infills offer these advantages, there are various options available that provide additional benefits. Choosing the right infill for artificial grass depends on your unique needs and circumstances.

How to Choose the Perfect Infill:

When deciding on the type of infill to use, ask yourself these questions:

1. Will the artificial turf be primarily for aesthetics, or will it be used by children and pets?

2. What is the prevailing weather like in your area? Dry and arid or humid and rainy?

ProGreen, parent company of ProLawn, has been manufacturing synthetic grasses since 1987, so we have seen infill products evolve as the industry grows. While some turf manufacturers claim their products don’t require infill, we strongly recommend using it to ensure the longevity of your turf. Infill plays a crucial role in the overall system, providing support and durability.

Practice Over Product:

While we discuss the different types of artificial turf infill below, it’s important to note that these are merely suggestions. Every installer and landscaper has their own approach. As the owner, as long as you take care of your turf, the choice of infill becomes less critical. Follow these steps:

1. Regularly clean and maintain your turf.

2. Rinse turf on a weekly basis with water, unless there has been recent rain.

3. Power broom the turf fibers every two years.

4. Top off the infill every two years.

infill types for artificial turf


Silica sand infill is one of the most popular choices because it is a cost-effective option. Composed of small quartz granules weathered over time, it comes in different grades. #20 Clean Silica Sand is typically used for landscape lawns, while #30 Silica Sand is recommended for sand-filled putting greens. Silica sand is the best option for synthetic lawns that are pet-free.


The most popular infill for pets is “Wonderfill,” which consists of silica sand infused with an antimicrobial coating during the manufacturing process. This coating inhibits microbes and bacteria growth that cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Wonderfill is also green-colored to blend seamlessly with the turf’s appearance.


Zeofill is another go-to infill for pet owners, particularly in rainy regions. Its unique ‘honeycomb’ molecular structure absorbs and traps urine-smelling gases, significantly reducing odors. When rainwater interacts with the infill, these gases are released and drained through the turf backing, keeping the turf fresh and odor-free.


Greenplay’s corkonut infill is an essential component of the ProGreen Cool Turf System. Made from a blend of cork and coconut fibers, this all-natural infill boasts a low bulk density, preventing excessive heat retention. It recreates the natural evaporative cycle of real grass, keeping the turf cool even on scorching days. With increased shock absorption, Greenplay infill is ideal for families, playgrounds, or athletic fields in humid or moderately rainy areas.


Crumb rubber infill is not commonly used for residential turfing applications. It is more popular in large athletic fields because of the inexpensive nature of the material and the shock absorption that it provides. However, there are many other infill options for athletic fields nowadays that provide even better safety to players.

Enhance the durability, performance, and aesthetics of your artificial turf by selecting the right infill. Consult ProLawn’s expertise to discover the ideal option for your unique needs. Experience the difference infill makes in transforming your artificial turf into a top-notch surface.

If you have questions about the different infill options or about artificial turf in general, we are here to help! Contact us today for any inquiries or to schedule your free estimate for artificial turf installation!

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