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Different Types of Rock to Install with Artificial Turf

Different Types of Rock to Install with Artificial Turf

Sometimes an entire area of just artificial turf isn’t what you’re visually looking for. The landscape design of a yard can definitely make or break its appeal. Knowing which materials and landscaping looks best with artificial turf can be overwhelming sometimes when trying to design your yard. We’re here to cover the different types of rock to install with artificial turf, especially in warmer climates such as California and Arizona where rock is commonly used in landscape designs. Adding rock into a landscape design is becoming more and more popular. Here are some of the best-looking rocks to add to a design with artificial turf:

Arizona River Rock

Also known as Arizona Cobble, this stone is typified by unusual shades of dusty rose, pale pink, jade green, russet, and dark to light slate.

Natural River Rock

Natural Cobble Stone


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As you can see from the pictures, adding the right type and colored rock can really change the aesthetic of a yard. Knowing the rocks that look the best with artificial turf can be really helpful when designing your yard. To get a free estimate from ProLawn Turf, contact us today at 877-405-5296.

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