Different Uses for Artificial Turf

Whether you’re wanting to add something a little extra to your exterior, or wanting to save time and money, there are many different uses for artificial turf. Many people are making the switch right now to artificial grass because it saves water, money and time. A lot of architects, landscapers and interior designers are also thinking of other creative ways to use artificial turf to add to a design. Using artificial turf versus real grass will guarantee a fully green look year-round. No more worrying about your exterior turning brown or dying away. Here are some obvious and more creative ways to use artificial turf:

  1. Lawns – Probably one of the most obvious ways to use artificial turf. You can install artificial grass for your front yard, backyard, side yard or dog run. This is what people are using artificial grass for the most for obvious reasons.
  2. Putting greens and golf courses – Whether you’re wanting a putting green to practice at home, or are wanting to make the switch to an artificial turf golf course, artificial greens are always a good idea. You not only will get a green golf green year-round, but you’ll also get consistency year-round, which is always great. Many professionals are installing golf greens and putting greens in their backyards to improve their game and make practicing easier.
  3. Sports fields – If you’ve been to a high school game lately, you’ve probably noticed most of their fields are now made of artificial turf. Many schools and stadiums are making the switch to artificial turf so that the maintenance and upkeep are easier to sustain. When huge crowds are coming to watch a game and are staring at a field for hours, you want to make sure the field reflects the team in a positive way.
  4. Decorative walls – Many interior designers and architects have begun building artificial turf walls as a feature for the home’s exterior, or even interior in some cases. Many commercial buildings such as restaurants have added an artificial grass wall to emphasize and go with the vibe of the business. These are easy to make, and fill a large wall space perfectly.
  5. Center pieces – A lot of event planners are beginning to cut up artificial turf to make platforms for their center pieces at weddings or events. It’s an easy DIY project, and adds to the earthy, outdoor vibe at an event. Just cut and place under your décor. You’re good to go!
  6. Mats and rugs – Some vendors have begun setting up their booths with artificial turf as their mats and rugs to add a little something extra to their booth. When you’re at a home show and all the booths look the same, adding something that makes you stand out can really make a difference with sales. A lot of people are using artificial turf as an outdoor rug for their porches, patios and balconies as well. It doesn’t matter if you have a small balcony at your condo or a large porch to fill, artificial turf is always a great alternative to a standard outdoor rug. It also adds to the décor of your exterior.
  7. Between pavers and concrete – Using artificial grass to fill the spaces between pavers, rocks and concrete always adds a little something extra to your design and exterior. Up your exterior design by filling the spaces on your driveway, pathway or porch with artificial grass. This is extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Trust us!
  8. Covering outdoor furniture – A very interesting trend has begun with people covering their outdoor furniture with artificial turf. Instead of using fabric, people have begun covering their chairs, benches, outdoor beds and pillows with artificial turf. This is definitely not a trend that’s for everyone, but is a great alternative to fabrics. This is great for extreme changes in weather, and won’t fade or get damaged from weather changes like fabrics will.
  9. Covering outdoor stairs – A lot of people have also begun installing artificial grass on their stairs. Some cover the entire step, while others just place a piece in the middle of the step. This adds to a plain stairway, especially if you don’t want to pay for expensive tiles instead.
  10. Artificial turf filled letters and numbers – Lastly, a lot of people have begun making decorative numbers, letters and signs out of artificial grass. Some use it to make address signs and numbers for their homes, while others use a single letter or number as décor.

There are many other ways to use artificial grass, but these are some of the most common and trendy uses at the moment. If you’re looking to make the switch for your home, or are wanting remnant pieces for your next DIY project, give us a call at 877-405-5296!

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