Explore the Many Artificial Grass Options from PROLawn Turf

If you’re considering purchasing artificial turf for your home, business, or pet, look no further than PROLawn Turf. Our company is the leader of synthetic grass engineering, manufacturing, and installation and we have a variety of services to meet any customer’s needs. Dive in and take a closer look at artificial grass options and applications we offer.

Residential Turf

PROLawn Turf provides residential customers with synthetic grass that looks and feels like real grass but requires far less maintenance and costs. Our products are engineered to last so customers can rest assured their investment will pay off in the long run. Plus, there are many styles and colors available to choose from to give you exactly the look you prefer for your home’s outdoors needs. 

Artificial Pet Turf

PROLawn Turf for pets is a must have for any home in SoCal. Pet turf is especially beneficial for households with pets because it offers an alternative to difficult and costly to maintain traditional grass lawns. With dogs regularly using the area for bathroom breaks or playtime, dead spots and odors can be a nasty problem. Pet turf also offers a safe spot for pets to play all year round without fear of them tracking mud into the house or damaging existing landscaping elements around the yard – not to mention our permeable ProFlow backing system that makes sure your pets waste doesn’t get stuck in the turf and keeps it smelling fresh and clean.

Putting Greens

For those who love golf, we have golf putting greens installation services available. This option is perfect for those who don’t have time to make frequent trips out to their local golf course but still want to practice their game at home or on a vacation property. With this service, you can have a golf course quality putting green right in your own backyard! Practice like the pros – in fact we’ve installed these putting green and practice areas solutions for PGA golfer’s homes – and let PROLawn Turf install your very own putting green.

Commercial Installations for Artificial Grass Options

Last but not least, we offer commercial installations for businesses looking to beautify their grounds with durable turf solutions that require minimal upkeep over time – not to mention provide huge savings in water costs. Whether it’s large-scale landscaping projects or small-scale applications such as playgrounds or sports fields, PROLawn Turf has a product that meets each customer’s specific needs. From landmark hotels to shopping centers to large office complexes and everything in between, PROLawn Turf is up to the task.
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