Forbes “Top 15 backyards” – Prolawn Turf Makes the Cut!

Recently, Forbes magazine, a leading U.S. publication pared with some of the best known real estate companies in the country to compile a list of the top 15 summer ready homes in the country.  One of the homes topping the list sits on a beautifully landscaped one-acre lot in Coto De Caza.

Prolawn’s custom designs and professional installation of their 100 percent recyclable turf products helped this local home become recognized as a summer party palace.  Relators from some of the industry’s biggest names such as Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s International and the Corcoran Group all agreed that this yard took the cake.  Prolawn has been a leader in turf technology and design since 1999.  They have been providing Southern California with ‘America’s greenest lawns’.

Prolawn, the Artificial Turf Leaders

Prolawn turf is literally the greenest, most recyclable turf available and the word is starting to spread, just ask Forbes.  The owners of this 2.7 million dollar California hacienda chose Prolawn to take their yard to the next level.  They now have one of the most desirable summer properties in the country all the while doing their share of conserving California’s precious water supply!   You don’t need a ‘real’ lawn to have the best one on the block.  What’s so great about Prolawn and their products is that you don’t have to own a 2.5 million dollar house to hire them to get you that Forbes top 15 backyard.  Prolawn can tackle the smallest of custom putting green orders or the Forbes Top 15 back yards list; just take a look at some their other completed works.

Southern Californian’s have a right to be proud, we are leading the way in home innovation and landscape design.  More and more consumers like you are realizing the benefits of installing turf instead of grass.  Those realtors, editors at Forbes and your neighbors have now seen first-hand how beautiful and green a turf lawn can look.  The team at Prolawn Turf believes their work speaks for itself.  There’s no other turf installer or designers in the state that can claim their jobs are ranking on Forbes top 15 of anything list. 

Prolawn also works side by side the major American turf manufactures to ensure that the public is receiving the best and safest products and they will continue to push the envelope when it comes to design and installation.   It’s time to take advantage of such a prestigious, locally owned and operated business.  Who knows, maybe you’ll have one of the next Forbes Top 15 backyards to call your own.

As in any industry, not all turf products or installation companies are created equal. ProLawn Turf stands head and shoulders above the competition in each of these three important areas. ProLawn’s final products, warranties, and an earned reputation for installing QUALITY synthetic turf applications exemplify this fact.

See How Our Turf Stacks up Against the Competition

Unique attributes such as permeable geo-textile backing systems, low shine yarns, and lower abrasion fibers with TUFF SPINE™ Technology have been developed to satisfy the demand of first generation turf clients who have experienced the downside of the common “fake grass”. Discontinued use of the black crumb rubber in-fill systems has also created a cleaner, less harmful turf solution.

In an industry that is being fueled by the “GREEN” movement, ProLawn’s products stand amongst a select few of truly 100% RECYCLABLE artificial turf products. ProLawn is proud to have helped developed a 100% polyolefin based product line that contains no urethane, latex, or nylon, which would limit whole product recyclability.

ProLawn’s turf products, from the blades to the backing system, are comprised completely of polyolefin materials. Polyolefins absorb almost no moisture as compared to other backing adhesives such as urethane and latex, which absorb as much as 5% to 6% of their mass. Absorbing and releasing water leads to expansion and contraction of the turf product as ambient conditions change.

With the DuraFlo system, this creeping effect is negligible, and therefore makes a more stable turf system and puts less stress on seams. Our manufacturing process is relatively tension free, unlike other backing methods. Tension in the manufacturing process creates memory in the turf. Once the turf experiences this tension (stretching), it is more likely to creep and move. In addition, the nonwoven geotextile secondary backing component of DuraFlo is produced in a manner wherein fibers are arranged in a random manner, giving isotropic properties for strength and elongation. This adds yet more dimensional stability.

The founders of ProLawn Turf have been designing and installing custom synthetic putting greens, golf practice areas, and artificial lawn projects in Southern California since 1999. Starting their careers with one of the largest synthetic turf companies in the world, the team developed a passion for the industry and gained a technical expertise that few can rival. After many years, and thousands of projects, the team aspired to take the technology to the next level. As a result of this passion and experience, and in cooperation with a leading American turf manufacturer, they helped to develop a unique product line that not only ranks amongst the highest in quality worldwide, but is arguably head and shoulders above any turf product in overall logic and functionality.

Love Where You Live!

For more information or a free design estimate, contact the Southern California Artificial Turf experts at Prolawn Turf – 1-877-405-5296 or fill out our free design estimate form.

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