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Fun, Family Backyard – ProLawn Turf

Even though it’s starting to cool down, the backyard entertainment doesn’t have to end. A fun, family backyard is still an achievable thing during any season of the year. Here at ProLawn Turf, we take pride in creating a fun, family backyard. With the right design, products and service, you could have a fun, family backyard yourself. Somewhere to spend with the kids and have a mini staycation at home.

The most important aspect to a great backyard, is the design. Knowing what you want and what you can afford will make the design process way easier. Set a budget and then begin pulling inspiration from online or around neighborhoods. If you’re a swimming family, adding a pool will obviously be a necessity. Adding concrete areas is another important aspect to add to any backyard. Concrete defines areas and creates walkways. Creating an island-like slab of concrete for patio furniture and a fireplace is a great element to have during the colder, winter nights. Creating a space to eat together outside or make s’mores at is a great way to make a backyard more family-oriented. Adding grass areas for your pets and kids to play on is another important thing to remember when designing a backyard. Artificial grass is a great option for kids and dogs because it’s cleaner and not itchy on children’s skin. Pet turf that has a 100% permeable backing system is great for dogs. It’s pet friendly and kid friendly without the hassle and maintenance of real grass. Landscape artificial turf will keep your backyard green and party ready year-round. It doesn’t get much better than that for a busy family!

With a family backyard, creating entertainment areas could make all the difference. Adding something as simple as a playground or an area for outdoor games could make a backyard that much better for a family. If your family enjoys golf, getting a putting green installed could be a fun idea! Artificial putting greens are easy to maintain and look great year-round as well. A lot of people with bigger backyards are installing courts such as volleyball courts and basketball courts to their backyards too. If your yard is big enough, adding all these elements would make for the perfect family backyard.

Any backyard can become the perfect family yard with just the basics and space to sit with the family. As long as the backyard is safe and fun, it’s great for some family time. If you have any questions on the artificial turf or putting greens, give us a call today at 877-405-5296!

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