Technology can be used to improve a wide variety of industries.  Prolawn has played an integral role in the technological advancements in artificial turf design and construction.  Since 1999 the professionals at Prolawn have been installing the best artificial turf in San Diego.

The Best Artificial Turf in San Diego – Hands Down!

  They have the ‘greenest’ option available to the public right now.  Recent developments in turf construction have helped to make products stronger, longer lasting and more realistic than ever before. Prolawn has designed and installed artificial turf in San Diego that looks good or even better than real grass and turfs.  These guys can handle it all from custom putting greens and golf practice areas to residential and commercial lawn applications.  Those old crumb filled turf systems of yesteryear are obsolete.  That artificial turf in San Diego will look greener, more real and retain its shape longer than ever before thanks to the hard work and determination of Prolawn’s expert team.

San Diego is a hot dry place during the summer and water is a finite resource that we all need to share.  Reduce your water consumption with artificial turf and put more money back into your pockets.  It really is that easy!  Years of experience and thousands of installations have been dedicated to the development of the industries ‘greenest’ turf.  One amazing advantage Prolawn holds over its competition is its 100 percent polyolefin based products.  These revolutionary turfs contain absolutely no urethane, latex or nylon so they are 100, yes 100 percent recyclable!  Artificial turf in San Diego will never be the same thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of the Prolawn team.  Prolawn has been certified as an installation trainer by one of the largest artificial turf manufacturers in the country.

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You won’t find a more experienced or helpful crew anywhere else.  If you want artificial turf in San Diego these are the guys to call!  It doesn’t matter if your turf is for a residential, commercial or municipal projects because Prolawn has done all kinds of jobs all over the State of California.  What sets Prolawn apart from the rest, besides their knowledge of turf, is their idea that all work is based on integrity.  They will be honest and upfront from the get go to ensure that your dream project becomes a reality.  No other companies out there in the turf business can provide results that will meet and exceed expectations like Prolawn.  It’s time you let Prolawn take the reins and get you that artificial turf in San Diego.