Pet Turf in Orange County that Stays Green

Do you have a pet at home and are tired of the bugs and insects around as you play with them? Tired of your pet digging holes in your yard? Does your yard get muddy and sloppy when it rains? Then pet turf instead of your natural grass might be the answer. Why get pet friendly turf for your family?

When in Drought, Turf it Out

There are many reasons. As a matter of fact, the benefits far outreach any negatives for your pet friendly grass. The professionals at ProLawn Turf will install your pet turf in Orange County so there is no need to worry about the installation. We will guarantee that your installation will leave you 100% satisfied with your new pet turf.

There are so many benefits of installing ProLawn Turf’s pet friendly grass in your home. First off, it eliminates a lot of the stress that comes with maintenance of your yard. The next reason to have our pet friendly turf installed is to save money on your water bill by eliminating the need to water your lawn during dry spells.

Orange County Pet Turf

Our pet turf in Orange County eliminates the need for pesticides and other chemicals that may harmful to your kids and pets. Since we use 100% recyclable materials, installing our pet friendly grass is perfect for the green movement that is currently happening. With water shortages all across the United State, installing pet turf in Orange County is a great way to do your part. Install pet turf, and save the world? Maybe not, but it is a start.


ProLawn Turf’s pet friendly turf has your pet in mind, being specially designed and engineered for pet use. ProLawn Turf’s Eco-Flo pet turf has 100% permeable backing. Urine simply drains through and any feces can be removed easily, all without doing any harm to your pet friendly grass. We use a special blend of polyethylene fibers, making it practically impossible to stain or discolor. You and your pet will find our pet turf to be soft and enjoyable to run and play on. You no longer need to reprimand your dog for digging up the lawn, as your dog will find it hard to dig through our pet turf. In addition, should odor build up occur due to long periods of dry weather or if the pet turf is under cover where it does not receive natural rainfall, simply hose down the section of turf where your pet has a build up of urine and the water will naturally drain into the subsoil. Please give ProLawn Turf a call if you have any questions or concerns about installing pet turf in Orange County today!

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