3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose ProLawn Turf

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose ProLawn Turf

With artificial turf still being a fairly new industry, it’s hard for customers to know what the best products and procedures are for installing. So, what are the reasons why homeowners choose ProLawn Turf you might ask? Everyone is out there trying to make their next dollar, so how can you trust what they are saying? It’s easy for any company to just simply say they’re the best, but why are they the best?

Installing artificial turf is not cheap, regardless of the quality, it’s a big purchase that could dramatically change the look of your lawn. Once it’s installed, there’s no 30-day money back guarantee with ANY company you go to because in order to install your artificial turf, we must excavate the existing area, so there’s no going back. Sounds scary, but really this just means you must do your research before choosing a company. Read their reviews online, ask to see pictures, ask for addresses of front lawns they’ve installed so you can see their work in-person, research the products they’re using, and ask questions! We’ve done an entire blog post about the questions you should be asking every company, and that blog post can be read by clicking here. Here are the three major reasons why homeowners choose ProLawn Turf to install artificial turf:

1. We Care

All of us here at ProLawn Turf take pride in providing the best customer service possible. We care about your project as much as you do. We understand this is a huge purchase and home improvement, so we don’t take anything lightly. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way and after the job is completed as well.

Have you read our reviews on Yelp and Google? We’re a 5-star company because we care. We care about your experience with working with us from start to finish. We want to get you the best-looking artificial turf out there on the market today with the best installation process, so that you can show off your new yard to all your friends and family (and those judging neighbors).

2. Our Products

The obvious reason why homeowners choose ProLawn Turf is because of our products. We, without a doubt, have the best, highest quality products around. Our artificial turf products are American made and the most realistic-looking products we’ve seen in our 22 years of installing artificial turf. The features that come with our artificial turf products, such as heat reduction, 100% permeable backings, unique blade shapes for resilience, and yarn colors, all make our products like no other. We’ve worked hands on with our turf manufacturer to create the best product on the market today.

The product not only resembles a tall fescue grass, but also has full drainage and heat reduction technology. We not only use the best artificial turf products, but we also use the best infills and seam tape to top it off. No other company outside of the Celebrity Greens partnership can use the seam tape that we use to hide our seams. Our products can’t be beat.

3. Our Experience

We’re no longer practicing, so your home won’t be a test dummy for us. We’ve been installing artificial turf since 1998, so we’ve mastered the process and skills to perform an excellent install EVERY SINGLE TIME. We won’t be testing out skills or practicing new processes for installing on your lawn like newer companies will be doing because we no longer need to do that. This means you can rest easy knowing your install is going to turn out how it’s supposed to turn out. It will look just like our pictures.

We’re one of the most experienced artificial turf installation companies in the area, so we’re positive that we’ll know more about artificial turf than most other companies. We’ve seen almost everything, so we can confidently say with evidence that we know how our installs will look in 22 years. Not a lot of artificial turf companies can say that today.

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These three reasons why homeowners choose ProLawn Turf are what makes us the number one most trusted artificial turf company in Southern California today. We’re here to educate and answer any questions you may have. To book a free estimate with us, please contact us at 877-405-5296 today!

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