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Resolving Your Health Concerns about Artificial Turf

In the past year, many health concerns arose in the artificial turf and synthetic grass world. Many athletes, coaches and parents grew concerned over the humors that the artificial turf fields they were playing on were causing cancer. It was thought to be that the crumb rubber infill that is made from recycled tires was cancerous. Even though no researchers have ever found definitive links between fake grass and cancer, many health concerns were still coming up in the media. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, “hundreds of test and hundreds of pages of reports” proved that they found no link between crumb rubber infill and cancer. Many schools are still looking towards alternative infill options though for when they are building new fields and/or stadiums. Plant-based infill is one type of preferred infill now. Plant-based infill could be coconut fibers, cork, or rice husks. There are five other types of infill though that one could use that are just as safe. If the crumb rubber still scares you a little bit, you could use envirofill, thatch, subangular silica, silica sand or round silica granules instead. Each are best used for different purposes, but we’ll go into further detail on those with a different post. Whether you call it artificial turf, fake grass or synthetic turf, our grass is safe.

Here at ProLawn Turf, our turf is guaranteed to not only look the most realistic, but it’s also completely safe. Our turf is 100% recyclable and provides a 100% permeable backing system. Most importantly though, we have discontinued the use of crumb rubber infill for our turf to provide a cleaner, “less harmful” turf solution. Here at ProLawn Turf, we use envirofill, thatch and silica sand infill. Our turf is also non-absorbent and has no shine with heat reduction technology to make it a more enjoyable solution for you and your pets. With all of this, this makes our artificial turf completely safe and durable.

Don’t be afraid to save water and have greener grass year-round! Get your artificial turf professionally installed today!

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