The 5 Best Drought-Tolerant Plants to Use with Artificial Turf Designs

So, you’re looking to add a little something extra to your lawn so that it’s not just all artificial turf? But, what are the best drought-tolerant plants to use with artificial turf designs? Where do you even start? There are so many plants to choose from that it can get overwhelming sometimes. Here at ProLawn Turf, we’ve been in the artificial turf industry since 1998, so over the years we’ve quickly learned what the most popular and best drought-tolerant plants are to use in any designs with artificial turf.

1. Yucca

Yucca is a genus of shrubs and trees native to hot and dry parts of America. These look great in any yard because they add some height and dimension to a yard so you’re not just using all shorter drought-tolerant plants.

2. Echeveria After Glow

These are evergreen succulents native to mid-to-higher elevations in the Americas. These succulents are a beautiful pink and purple color to give your lawn some more color to it so it’s not just all green.

3. Dasylirion Wheeleri

This is a species of flowering plants in the asparagus family native to arid environments. These plants will also help give your lawn some dimension and add in some different tones of greens.

4. Blue Glow Agave

This is a slow-growing evergreen succulent native to places in Mexico with rich and sandy soils. These are the perfect succulents to add to any yard. They will look great with any type of landscaping. They look great with mulch, rock, and decomposed granite as well.

5. Golden Barrel Cactus

This is a rare and endangered cactus native to east-central Mexico. Although it’s definitely on the pricier side, it’s a great addition to any landscape because of how unique it is. Adding in some rounder plants to a landscape will add in a bit more dimension to the yard as well.

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All five of these drought-tolerant plants when placed the right way would look great in any design with artificial turf. You’re still able to water less with all these plants while keeping a great looking design with some major curb appeal at the same time. These are the best drought-tolerant plants to use with artificial turf designs. Contact us today at 877-405-5296 to get a free estimate for your lawn!