Value vs. Cost – Artificial Turf

In an industry that really boomed in Southern California from a drought, value vs. cost has somehow been blurred. The importance of value has trickled away with new companies forming and trying to make the most profit with the poorest quality products. Emphasizing cost over value with artificial turf has just led to unsatisfied customers that are frustrated with the artificial turf industry because cost over value was put into their minds. When it comes to your home, value matters. People spend tons of time and money working to buy their homes, so why would value not matter when it comes to your home? Buying a home is meant to last. Everything in and outside of your home should then be built to last. Value will ALWAYS hold more than cost.

When customers have to constantly pay to redo their artificial turf because they went with a product that was the cheapest at the time, they’re really only asking to pay more in the long run. Going with a product that initially costs less will only make you spend more actually because that product is not built to last and look good for a long period of time, so you’ll be spending more money and time having to redo and repair it again and again. A product with value won’t have to be redone again and again because it’s built to last and fulfills the wants and needs of the customer in the first place. Most people want to get artificial turf to save money and time. You can only save money and time if you go with a product that won’t require any more money or time. A product that costs less takes less money to make because it’s made with poorer quality materials. This will lead to more money and time being spent to maintain this product because it needs more help to stay looking good (or honestly half way decent). Doesn’t that just go against the entire reason why you bought artificial grass in the first place? You went with a product because the initial cost was better, but now you’ve spent so much money on repairs and maintenance that you really haven’t saved any money at all going with a poorer quality product that costs less versus the better-quality product that was just a little more. You’ll probably soon be at the same price as the better-quality artificial turf with all the repairs and maintenance that needs to be done, but you’ve wasted so much time now that you can’t get back.

When it comes to resale value, it’s important to have quality artificial grass as well. The more value your home has when it comes to selling it, the more you’ll get for it. Personally, you might not mind lesser quality artificial turf that constantly needs maintenance and repairs, but the future homeowner won’t want that. Future homeowners want the best and least amount of work for their new homes. Resale value is a huge factor to consider when it comes to deciding if cost or value is more important to you when purchasing new improvements for your home.

In order to make a sale or earn more profit, artificial turf companies today are sadly misleading their customers and making them believe that cost is more important than value. Value will always outweigh cost because a better cost will only last so long before you’re unhappy again. Value will always fulfill your wants and needs more. If value is more important to you, we’re the company for you. With premium quality, American turf and 20 years of experience, give us a call at 877-405-5296 for a free estimate.

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