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Decoding Artificial Turf Installation Estimates: A Comprehensive Guide to Making the Right Choice

When it comes to artificial turf installation, not all estimates are created equal. It’s crucial to understand the nuances of each quote, ensuring you’re comparing like-for-like and getting the best value for your money. Here are five key details to consider when comparing estimates from different companies:

1. Square Footage: The square footage calculated by each company can greatly impact your estimate. Check if a lower quote is due to a smaller calculated area or if the project has been divided into sections to fit your budget. Ensure you understand how the company has measured the space and whether their calculations align with others.

2. Base Depth: The base depth, or the amount of excavation and base installation the company will undertake, is another important factor. Most companies install only 2” of base underneath their artificial turf. However, at ProLawn Turf, we install 4” of base to ensure longevity and optimal performance. More excavation and base installation might cost more initially, but it’s an investment in quality.

3. Origin of the Artificial Turf: Understanding where the artificial turf originates from is vital. Many companies claim their products are “American made,” but this often means they’ve assembled imported materials in the US. Genuine American-made products are entirely manufactured in the US, offering superior quality and safety, as they’re federally regulated and lead-free.

4. Layout of the Turf: The layout of the turf – the number of seams and the use of different-sized pieces – can affect the final cost and appearance of the project. More seams may mean less waste and lower costs, but this could lead to a patchwork effect. At ProLawn Turf, we prioritize a seamless, natural look over cutting corners.

5. Amount of Infill: The quantity of infill installed can impact the turf’s resilience and appearance. Adequate infill ensures the fibers remain upright, preventing a matted, artificial look. Some companies may skimp on infill to save costs, but this can compromise the look and longevity of your lawn.

Now, what are some of the additional benefits and overall value of choosing ProLawn Turf? Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Our 100% Permeable ProFlow Backing System ensures efficient drainage
  • We offer low to NO SHINE turf for a realistic look
  • Our proprietary Cool Turf System keeps the surface temperature lower
  • The engineered Fiber Resilience offers enhanced durability
  • We offer the Pet Friendliest Turf, designed for your furry friends
  • Our turf is Non-Absorbent, helping it stay fresh and clean
  • Maximum Dimensional Stability ensures the turf retains its shape over time
  • Our turf Contours Better to Natural Undulation for a realistic appearance
  • We offer Natural Grass Color Matched options for a seamless blend with existing landscaping

At ProLawn Turf, we believe in providing top-quality, American-made products that deliver lasting results. Our focus on detail, quality, and customer satisfaction makes us the higher value-driven choice for your artificial turf installation needs.

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