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The Drought in California Has Led To Regulations Concerning Water Usage

If you are seeking a knowledgeable artificial grass installer for a commercial or residential property, then contact a company that has been in business since 1999. Many homeowners and business managers are choosing to install artificial turf because of the lack of rain in California that is leading to increased water rates. Global warming has led to changes in California’s climate with a long-term drought that has caused several cities to restrict water usage for nonessential purposes such as irrigating the grass on lawns. In some regions of the state, residents are only permitted to water lawns for a few minutes on particular days of the week.

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Beat the California Drought with Artificial Grass Rebates

Each year, approximately 60 percent of the average California homeowner’s water bill is for outdoor irrigation. With recent droughts, water rates are set to increase over the next five years. This means that a typical residential customer will see a three percent increase each year. To illustrate, a homeowner will pay an additional $4.20 monthly between now and 2020. A possible solution is to take advantage of artificial grass rebates.

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Understanding Artificial Grass Cost Breakdown

With the drought in California spanning four years and counting, more homeowners and commercial-land owners are looking at their water bills very closely. In the past few decades, expansive lawns have dotted the Southern California region with wealth and irrigation to nourish them. However, water conservation is a top priority for everyone, and the ubiquitous Southern California lawn is now going the way of the dinosaur. As a smart alternative, landowners are looking toward artificial grass. Take a look at artificial grass cost and associated charges that can help you decide on your future yard decor.