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A Fake Lawn in Orange County Will Help Save Water and Money, Guaranteed.

We all care about preserving the beauty and value of our homes while saving money.  It is easier than ever before to maintain and even increase property value by investing in a new fake lawn in Orange County.  For over 20 years ProLawn has been developing, designing and installing the best fake lawns in Southern California. Anything you can imagine, ProLawn can make a reality.  Ever wanted a private putting green for extra practice??  How about a newly landscaped back yard that will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in water bills annually?  Well, then it’s time to contact ProLawn.  A fake lawn in Orange County has never been so affordable.  ProLawn is different than all the other turf guys out there.  They have led an integral role in the development of new fake grass technologies.  Leading manufacturers have worked with ProLawn’s team to design the most recyclable products ever conceived.

A ‘greener’ alternative does not exist my friends.  Just think about the amount of water you’ll save?? Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of gallons of precious California water will not be wasted.  And that means a smaller water bill which leads to a fatter wallet at the end of the month!  Orange County is a beautiful place but it can be extremely dry and hot during our summer season.  It can be expensive and extremely time consuming to maintain a green yard in this climate year round. That’s why having a fake lawn in Orange County is such a great idea.

You’ll be saving money and water while maintaining the best looking property on the block, that’s about as ‘green’ as it gets.  ProLawn is a California certified installer so you can be trained by the best if you want to undertake a do-it-yourselfer project.  It doesn’t matter what space you have available because every job is custom designed and planned to meet and exceed all client’s expectations.  ProLawn’s TUFF-SPINE technology has helped make the most realistic feeling grass ever made.  An amazing feet in grass development came when they discontinued using urethane in fake lawn material.  Now they are all manufactured using a 100 percent polyolefin base so there is no latex or nylon used.  This allows all products to be deemed 100 percent recyclable!  If you decide to have a fake lawn in Orange County you won’t be disappointed.  You will save money and water and set an example for your entire neighborhood.   The votes have been tallied, having a fake lawn in Orange County is in and real grass is out!

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