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First installed in a school’s recreation area in the early 1960s, fake turfs have since provided an alternative to natural grass.

Today, from pool sides to sports stadiums, artificial grass has grown in popularity and has been applied in a variety of different settings. An increasing number of landscapers and homeowners are now opting for fake grass that looks real for their lawns.

Why Choose an Artificial Turf?

Fake grass presents several advantages over natural grass. Artificial turfs are more economical. Natural turfs require high maintenance costs for trimming, cleaning and watering them. Fake grass turfs, on the other hand, are easily maintained and cleaned, sparing their owners the cost of having to buy water and pay for regular lawn mowing services.

How to Select Fake Grass Turfs

There are so many brands, types, and specifications of artificial grass on the market that you might get confused when setting out to buy the best synthetic turf for your property. However, there are a few key considerations to make.


The first and most obvious factor to consider is the price of the synthetic grass that you want to purchase. It is only natural to be attracted towards the less pricey options.

Keep in mind, however, the fact that the more long-lasting turfs generally cost more. Going for the cheaper options can cost you more in the long term as they would have to be replaced after a short duration.


It is important to select realistic colors. The most beautiful turfs are the ones that mimic natural turfs best. You can take samples of natural grass from around your property with you to the synthetic grass shop or showroom and select the product that best matches the natural.


Do your research to find out how long the artificial grass you wish to buy is likely to last. Depending on their quality and the materials used in their production, some types of synthetic grass lasts more than others. If you want the most durable fake turf in Menifee, contact Pro Lawn today.

Furthermore, find out if the product can survive the unique weather conditions of your property. If you live in an area susceptible to frequent and heavy rainfall, be sure to pick a turf that has excellent drainage capacity. Furthermore, be sure to get good artificial grass installers to install the turf for you.

The Eye Test

Aesthetics is an important consideration to make in choosing synthetic grass. You need a turf that would enhance your property’s beauty and make a positive impression upon your guests. Be sure to buy artificial grass that looks fresh and lush.

Contact the Foremost Artificial Grass Installers

At Pro Lawn, we’ve built a reputation for installing the best fake turf in Menifee and its environs. Our company boasts more than 24 years’ experience in the design and installation of artificial grass, and we have no doubt we can take your lawn to the next level of aesthetics and functionality. What’s more? Our prices are the most affordable for the value we offer. So, if you need the best artificial grass installers nearby, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Fake Turf Menifee