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A Proven Installation Process

Please forgive us, but we are going to employ the 5th amendment here. However, our installation process is exactly what it says …it’s proven. Now, we can’t give away all of our trade secrets but we are happy to go over the process with you in person. The important question is how has it been proven. This is a question that ProLawn loves to answer. “By learning the hard way what doesn’t work!”   Fortunately, we are a quick study.  After 19 years of installation experience, we know our process works and stand behind it.  Here are a few other questions that ProLawn loves to answer…

  1. What base material do you use? – The kind of base material that will not fail. How do we know…because years ago we were using the material that many other installers use and were put in a position wherein we had to replace a $15,000 golf green because the client walked across it after a rainstorm and left footprints. That was the last job we used the material that cost less and is readily available at every landscape supply yard. We know that the material we use works because that has not happened since
  2. How are your seams put together? – So well that if we ever had to take one apart, we would actually have to cut a new line outside of the seam rather than pull the seam apart.
  3. How much infill do you put in your turf? – More than the manufacturers recommend because many areas in Southern California have a greater temperature variation through the year and it takes more weight that the generic recommendation to prevent the expansion and contraction that is inherent in turf.


A few more questions that the interested turf shopper should hear the answer to…

1. How do you anchor your turf down?

2. Should I insist on DuraFill, EnviroFill, Zeofill, Rubber, or silica sand for my turf infill”

3. What is the proper depth of base material for my specific area?

4. Should I use a different product because I have pets?

5. Does your product satisfy HIC and GMax ratings if I am putting it under a playground structure for my kids?

6. What is the proper license for installing turf and what testing is required to get that license?

  • ProFlow™ Backing

    ProLawn uses the patent-pending ProFlow Backing System that allows for 100% drainage throughout the entire surface. The ProFlow backing is comprised of two heavy gauge woven layers, one five-pick layer, and a final coating of a high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before this compound is applied to the turf it’s injected with air, creating passages that allow for free flow drainage. ProFlow will provide a percolation rate that stays consistent throughout the life of your turf system.

    See it in action:

  • Engineered Fiber Shapes

    One of the most common complaints with artificial turf is the tendency of the fibers to mat down over time under foot traffic. Most turf products use fibers that have minimal, if any, shape. ProLawn offers a different fibers profiles that allow the turf to stay upright, including Diamond shaped, S shaped, and blended Diamond/S shaped products. ProLawn also offers state of the art dual fiber landscaping turf, which improves the structural integrity of the turf system by an impressive amount.

  • Low to No Shine Options

    Another complaint with turf products is that the fibers, once installed, are very shiny and look very unrealistic. One sure fire way to pick out a fake lawn is the lustrous appearance of morning dew….except it’s the middle of the day and it is 90 degrees out! ProLawn Turf’s entire product line is made with a unique low to NO luster yarn to reduce reflection and give the turf a much more realistic look. This reduces glare also helps to promote cooler temperatures in direct sunlight.

  • Dimensional Stability

    ProLawn’s turf products, from the blades to the backing system, are comprised completely of polyolefin materials. Polyolefins absorb almost no moisture as compared to other backing adhesives such as urethane and latex, which absorb as much as 5% to 6% of their mass. Absorbing and releasing water leads to expansion and contraction of the turf product as ambient conditions change. With the ProFlow system, this creeping effect is negligible, and therefore makes a more stable turf system and puts less stress on seams.

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    See What Our Customers Have to Say

    • “ProLawn was a pleasure to work with, from the initial consultation and design help to the quality of the finished product, we were very pleased. A year later the Project looks as good as the day it was installed. Your staff was easy to communicate and work with and I would recommend ProLawn to anyone considering going to artificial turf!”
      Mr. Ford
    • “We are very happy with our new lawn. We get lots of comments like how much is your water bill, how much water does it take to keep the lawn so green. You have to tell people it is not real grass before they realize it is artificial. Save's me time as well. Free's me up to do other things. It will be very beneficial now with going to Level 2 drought restrictions this summer.”
      Mr. & Mrs. McIntosh
    • “Your organization recently installed another turf area at one of three separate residences we have owned and/or spec’d over the past five years. As previously experienced, your installation team performed very professionally and knowledgeably. We believe that, at an appropriate site, this investment does add value as well as enjoyment to the property. Regards...”
      Marilyn & Paul Teslow
    • “Thanks again for your great customer service and we just can’t beat the timing! We appreciate you working us in so quickly! My neighbor across the street was so happy – she sits in her living room chair every morning to say her prayers and said she can’t wait till the morning to look out at our pretty lawn! Your work is making its way up to heaven, how about that!”
      Joe & Lisa Farris

    See Why Pets Love ProLawn

    “How does ProLawn hold up to pets?” is one of the most common questions asked. Not only is it a very common question, it is really the most important question a pet owner can ask. ProLawn’s line of turf products is engineered to be one of the most PET FRIENDLY products available on the market.

    For many years, one of the most common complaints with artificial turf has been the odors caused by pet urine. The primary reason for this lingering odor has been the system of drainage. Most turf products offer a solid urethane or latex backing system with holes punched in the backing for drainage. Looking at this drainage system logically will show its obvious flaw. Most of the urine that gets into the turf does not magically find its way to one of these small holes (unless your dog has incredible aim). Therefore, the urine sits in the artificial turf. Unfortunately, urethane and latex backing systems are proven to absorb 5%-6% of their mass in moisture. When the urine absorbs into the turf backing, it is virtually impossible to completely get rid of the urine, and therefore, the odors.

    ProLawn Turf’s 100% permeable ProFlow backing system is designed to allow moisture to drain through 100% of the products backing. This drainage system offers far higher permeability rates than the urethane / latex backed turf products. This unique characteristic makes ProLawn one of the most pet friendly products available on the market today.

    The short answer to the question is that most turf products are not a very good solution for pet owners. However, have been engineered with pets in mind, ProLawn Turf is a great solution for pet owners, kennels, and pet boarding facilities anywhere.

    Dogs on ProLawn Artificial Pet Turf in Murrieta CA

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