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Many people value their home beyond its monetary worth. To a lot of homeowners, their house is where they’ve raised their kids, spent hours creating the perfect space, and made valuable memories over the years. So when it’s time to move due to one reason or the other, it would be great to have a better alternative instead of packing and leaving your home behind. That’s where structural moving in Terrytown comes in. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, our expert shoring contractors relocate homes safely and securely.

When you have to move from your present location due to safety reasons or other issues, we can take you to your new lot with ease. We also specialize in home elevation if your property requires foundation repair or to avoid flooding.

Tips For Choosing A Structural Moving Company

Selecting the right construction and shoring company will ensure your structure is moved safely without any complications or significant damages. Here are top tips to help you find the best movers.

Research Their Reputation

Before hiring house movers, you must do your research. Read online reviews from trusted sites like Google Reviews and get in touch with former customers. Also, ask the movers how much experience they have moving structures. From the reviews and conversations you have with past clients, you’ll be able to have a detailed picture of the quality of their work. You’ll also know if the company you’re considering has the experience needed to move the size of your structure. Insights into a mover’s reputation and experience will aid you in making a well-informed decision.

Ask About The Equipment Used

Without the right equipment, structural moving can be derailed. Regardless of your type of structure or the distance, you’re moving, the equipment used to relocate your house should be of superior quality. It should support the weight of the structure to ensure the success of the project. You also want to confirm if the company you wish to work with uses systems such as the unified jacking system.

With such a system, all the jacks lift evenly no matter the different weights on various jacks. Jacks that lift at the same rate keep your structure level and prevent serious damage to your house. Additionally, make sure the movers use a transportation system that enables progressive speed transitions to avoid jerking movements that could destabilize your structure.

Check Insurance Coverage

Never trust your home to movers without adequate insurance policies. A professional structural moving company must have various insurance coverage policies to protect you against any unexpected damages or accidents during the move.

You should confirm if the movers have the following coverages:

  • Automotive coverage
  • Worker’s compensation
  • General liability – Covers injuries sustained due to contractor’s work
  • Cargo liability – Protects your home against damages from moving or lifting
  • Umbrella coverage – Added protection in case other liability policies are exhausted

Trusted, Professional Movers

Looking for the best construction and shoring company? Search no further than us. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we take on all jobs when it comes to structural moving in Terrytown. Our impressive track record speaks for itself, having moved huge structures from single-family homes affected by natural disasters to several thousand-ton buildings. We also lift homes and buildings. Call us to get a quote for structural moving or home raising: 504-241-4500.

Structural Moving Terrytown

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Structural Moving Terrytown

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