Get Your Synthetic Lawn San Diego

California boasts a population of over 38 million people! It is more important than ever to start conserving water any way you can. Southern Californians and San Diego need to work together to reduce our water consumption. What better way to do this by installing a synthetic lawn San Diego?

Install a Synthetic Lawn San Diego Residents love!

The highly experienced professionals at Prolawn have been leading the charge in synthetic lawn technology and installation in Southern California for a decade plus. Their expertise and technology is un-paralleled. Prolawn offers a wide selection of synthetic lawns that can be customized to fit any space, for any purpose, anywhere. Since its introduction in 1965, by way of the Texas’ Super Dome, synthetic grass products have witnessed an exponential growth in design and construction. Our products not only save water but they are also 100 percent recyclable.

Our 100 percent polyolefin based line of turf contains no urethane, latex or nylon which would limit their recyclability. This means you will be leading the ‘green movement’ in more ways than one. Recycling waste materials, reducing water consumption and having the greenest lawn in the block sounds pretty good to us. We have the best material for synthetic lawn in San Diego hands down. Your neighbors will be quite impressed with your perfectly manicured lawn that stays green all year round. And your wallet will be singing you praise as well. Why not get that new synthetic lawn in San Diego today?

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Save on your bill, while saving the planet

Prolawn is recognized by leading synthetic grass manufacturers in America as certified installation instructors. We offer training to any of our customers who wants to be the do-it-yourselfer and install their own synthetic lawn. Our entire product line uses 100 percent permeable geo0tectile backing so drainage and mold growth won’t be a problem. The sterile synthetic grass is also allergen free so it’s perfect for your children family pets. Fluffy and the kids won’t notice a difference between ‘real grass’ and their new synthetic lawn.
A great aspect of having a synthetic lawn in San Diego is that it will maintain, if not raise your property value. You yard, whether it be the back, side or front, will always look freshly cut and green.

You will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on landscaping and watering fees while having the best looking yard on the block, maybe even the whole neighborhood! Why wait any longer?? Contact the professionals at Prolawn and get your synthetic lawn in San Diego installed today. Free Design Estimates Call us at 1-877-405-5296

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