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Are you tired of spending hours maintaining your lawn only to see it wither away during hot summer months? Artificial turf offers an attractive and low maintenance alternative that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. ProLawn Turf has proudly been supporting the Temecula (and surrounding) areas for 24+ years! Our team of experts will help you design and install the perfect space for your home or business. Simply fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch to schedule your free estimate.

Let’s dive in and discover how artificial grass can transform your residential or commercial property in Temecula.

    Water Conservation

    Artificial turf conserves water, crucial for drought-prone Southern California. Do your part in reducing waste and aiding resource preservation.

    Safe for the Environment

    Synthetic turf eliminates harmful chemicals, preserving the environment and providing a low-maintenance, green landscape.

    Recyclability & Disposal

    Dispose of artificial grass responsibly by using landfills or participating in recycling initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

    With our unmatched quality, hotels, commercial builders, schools, sports teams, and fitness centers have trusted us for decades

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    All types of businesses are making the switch to artificial turf and seeing the cost-savings and marketable benefits. Why switch to synthetic?

    1. Artificial grass is low maintenance
      The reduced monthly cost of landscaping can save any business thousands of dollars every year.
    2. Synthetic Turf Saves Water
      Many governments are cracking down on water usage and encouraging companies to conserve. Eliminating a water-thirsty, natural turf lawn is one of the best ways a company or business owner can save water. Your business can even earn LEED credits for having artificial turf installed.
    3. Artificial Grass is Aesthetically Pleasing
      Adding a vibrant pop of color to any surface. Whether your business has an outdoor living area that needs updating or an interior space that just seems incomplete, Pro Lawn synthetic grass is the perfect addition to complete your design.
    Artificial Grass Installed in Temecula CA


    • Pet boarding facilities and veterinarians
    • Schools and playgrounds
    • Athletic and recreational facilities
    • Vehicle dealerships
    • Apartments, condos, and other multifamily dwellings
    • Developers and new construction
      Daycare facilities
    • Restaurants, bars, and brewery common spaces
    • Rooftops
    • And much more…
    Murrieta CA Small Putting Green Install by ProLawn


    Conserve water while reducing irrigation & maintenance costs

    Go green, make the switch to synthetic

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