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Frustrated with the constant upkeep of your natural lawn, especially in the heat of summer? Consider the benefits of artificial turf – a beautiful, low-maintenance option that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor areas. For over 25 years, ProLawn Turf has been serving Temecula and its neighboring regions. Our skilled team is here to assist in crafting and installing the ideal turf solution for your home or business. To begin, fill out our form, and we’ll contact you to arrange a complimentary estimate.

Explore how artificial grass can revolutionize your property in Temecula, be it residential or commercial.

Conserving Water with Artificial Turf

In the drought-sensitive climate of Southern California, artificial turf plays a crucial role in water conservation. Embrace this sustainable option to help with resource preservation.

Eco-Friendly Synthetic Grass

Our synthetic turf avoids the use of harmful chemicals. It offers an environmentally safe and easy-to-maintain green landscape.

Responsible Disposal and Recycling of Turf

Proper disposal and recycling of artificial grass are essential for minimizing its environmental footprint. Utilize designated recycling programs or landfills for responsible disposal.

With our unmatched quality, hotels, commercial builders, schools, sports teams, and fitness centers have trusted us for decades

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Artificial Turf for Businesses

More businesses are switching to artificial turf for its cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Reasons to consider synthetic grass:

● Low Maintenance: Significant savings on landscaping costs can be achieved annually.

● Water Conservation: With increasing governmental focus on water usage, replacing natural lawns with artificial turf is an effective way to conserve water. Businesses can also earn LEED credits for installing artificial turf.

● Aesthetic Appeal: Artificial grass adds a vibrant touch to any space, be it an outdoor area in need of rejuvenation or an indoor space seeking completion. ProLawn Turf’s synthetic grass is an ideal addition to elevate your business’s design.

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Installation Services in Temecula, CA

Artificial Grass Installed in Temecula CA

Diverse Commercial Uses Include:

– Pet boarding and veterinary facilities

  • – Educational institutions and playgrounds
  • – Sports and recreational areas
  • – Car dealerships
  • – Multi-residential properties like apartments and condos
  • – Real estate developers and new construction projects
  • – Childcare centers
  • – Dining and entertainment venues, including restaurants and bars
  • – Rooftop spaces
  • – And many more applications…


Conserve water while reducing irrigation & maintenance costs

Go green, make the switch to synthetic

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