Turf Grass MenifeeTurf Grass Menifee

Because of their high durability and lower cost of maintenance, synthetic turfs have become increasingly popular among homeowners and landscapers alike. Why spend massive sums on water and lawn mowing if you can just get fake grass that looks real instead?

Pro Lawn offers you the best artificial turf grass in Menifee. We also have the best artificial grass installers. Here is why you should consider buying our products.

Superior aesthetic quality

Beauty is, no doubt, a prime consideration for people who want to buy artificial grass. Having an aesthetically pleasing lawn would certainly put your guests in the right spirit and make your property look classy. With its beautiful field and olive green hue, Pro Lawn’s Natural Platinum is the most attractive synthetic turf on the market. Our Tropical Supreme also has the right looks to wow your visitors.

Long warranty

The best products in the market generally have the longest warranties. At Pro Lawn, we are so sure of the quality of our products that we offer our clients up to 15 years warranty for our turfs such as the PG 4000 among many others. This extended warranty is only for clients who have their turfs installed by our artificial grass installers.

Ability to Withstand Heavy Traffic

When a synthetic turf is frequently trampled upon, it is more likely to wear out sooner. With Pro Lawn, however, you don’t have to worry about that. Our Natural Supreme, Optimum Play DF and other products are specifically built for heavy foot traffic. You can use these turfs for your playgrounds and other heavily frequented areas and not worry about its well-being.

Pet friendliness

If you are a pet owner, you would have noticed that having pets on some synthetic turfs can have disastrous consequences for your grass. Our K9 Terra is the best synthetic turf for pet lovers, as pet urine can easily drain through the turf, allowing your pets to have more fun on the turf. The US Supreme has similarly strong drainage abilities.


Is there any unique design, shape, or size that you would like your turf to take? Would you like to have any inscriptions made on it? Worry no more. Our products can be customized to suit your needs and taste. Our Playpro, for instance, designed primarily for children’s playgrounds, can be customized to add your school’s logo or name, draw activity lines etc.

Contact the Foremost Artificial Grass Installers

At Pro Lawn, we’ve built a reputation for installing the best fake turf in Menifee and its environs. Our company boasts more than 24 years’ experience in the design and installation of artificial grass, and we have no doubt we can take your lawn to the next level of aesthetics and functionality. What’s more? Our prices are the most affordable for the value we offer. So, if you need the best artificial grass installers nearby, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We can bet you’ll be glad you did.


Turf Grass Menifee