Artificial Grass for Pets

How does ProLawn hold up under the use of our furry friends? This is one of the most common questions asked. Not only is it a very common question, but it is really the most important question a pet owner can ask. ProLawn’s line of pet turf products are engineered to be one of the most PET FRIENDLY products available on the market.

For many years, one of the most common complaints with artificial turf has been the odors caused by pet urine. The primary reason for this lingering odor has been the system of drainage. Most turf products offer a solid urethane or latex backing system with holes punched in the backing for drainage. Looking at this drainage system logically will show its obvious flaw. Most of the urine that gets into the turf does not magically find its way to one of these small holes (unless your dog has incredible aim); therefore, the urine sits in the turf. The bigger problem with urethane or latex is that, by nature, these materials will absorb 5%-6% of their mass in moisture. When this happens, no amount of cleaning or hosing of the product will completely get rid of the urine, and therefore, the odors.

ProLawn Turf’s 100% permeable ProFlow backing system is designed to allow moisture to drain through 100% of the products’ backing. This drainage system offers far higher permeability rates than the urethane /latex backed turf products. Another benefit to the pet-specific line of turf is the low pile height. The low pile height increases the overall density of the turf, making it intrinsically more durable and much easier to pick up solid pet waste. These unique characteristics make ProLawn’s pet turf products the most pet friendly products available on the market today.

The short answer to the question is that most turf products are not a very good solution for pet owners. However, have been engineered with pets in mind, ProLawn Turf is a great solution for pet owners, kennels, and pet boarding facilities anywhere.

ProLawn Pet Turf Temecula ca turf

Here’s a testimonial letter from a busy pet facility:

Dear ProLawn Turf:
My husband and I own two commercial dog boarding kennels. The dog exercise area gets heavy use from some very active and sometimes destructive dogs. We had our concerns whether artificial turf would stand up to such abuse. We researched the different types of turf available and decided on the ProLawn for our most recent projects because of the backing (it drained well) and the weave seemed to need less raking to prevent matting. The dogs love it and we have had no problems with dogs digging in it or tearing it up. It is easy to keep clean and our kennel is so much cleaner now. We even use small pieces of the turf in the outside portion of the dog kennels to encourage the dogs to “potty” in that area of their kennel. These small pieces are surprising still intact. For some reason dogs just don’t tear them up like they do the lambswool beds and the rubber mats.

ProLawn is the turf we selected for our own home landscaping project. Our own dogs love rolling in it after they get their baths and it is beautiful. Before we installed the ProLawn we had a continuous battle with the gophers and now we never are bothered with gophers.

We love the ProLawn Turf because it is beautiful, it is a time saver, its clean, and affordable. Our only regrets are that we did not install it sooner.
Karen Pechacek
Spring Creek Kennels