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Are All Artificial Turf Installations the Same?

Are All Artificial Turf Installations the Same?

Are all artificial turf installations the same? The simple, straightforward answer is no. They just simply can’t be because every home is different. Every installation is different, so pricing will always be different as well. When looking for pricing over the phone or email, keep these factors below in mind.

The Install

If someone doesn’t know a lot about construction, he or she may think that all companies have a set price for jobs. A lot of the pricing for a job has to do with the labor required and materials being used though. Every home is different, and every project is different; therefore, every price is different. Yes, the materials have set prices and every company has an overhead for the day, but how much material and labor your specific job requires will always vary.

A lot of companies have been able to narrow down a general price range for average jobs, but that does not mean your home will fall within that general price range if it is not an “average” job. Some key factors that can change your pricing for artificial turf installation include, but are not limited to, excavation, layout, access, and location.


Excavation is probably one of the most major factors that can change the pricing for artificial turf installation. What is currently in the area you’re looking to install artificial turf? Grass, weeds, dirt, roots, concrete, etc.? What is currently there in the area and how much there is of it really matters with pricing out a job. Some materials are easier to excavate than others. More labor means more money. Some materials require special equipment to excavate. More equipment means more money. The amount that needs to be excavated greatly matters as well. If a company barely needs to excavate any dirt from the area, the price for excavation will be a lot less than another home that requires a full day’s work of excavating tons and tons of the existing areas’ grass, concrete and/or roots.


The layout of the area in which you’re looking to install the artificial turf can change the price as well. Most artificial turf rolls come 15’ wide. If your area isn’t 15’ wide, cutting and seams will be required. Less seams means more money. It is cheaper to quilt an area together than it is to buy a larger roll to make less seams. Seams can be visible and ugly, so you ideally want the least number of seams possible. In order to do that, you’ll have to buy a larger roll of artificial turf. There will most likely be more waste, but less seams. If you don’t mind seams, you can buy a smaller roll of artificial turf and have more seams. That is completely up to you as the homeowner. Just know that artificial turf layout can play a huge role in pricing. Always ask to see the turf layout.


Another thing that can affect the price for installing artificial turf is the access to the area. If the access to the area you’re looking to get turf installed is awful, it will cost you more. The longer it takes the crew to do the work, the more money it will cost. If the crew must go up and down stairs and hills to get to the area, that makes the excavation and hauling part of the job very complicated. If the company must rent equipment in order to do your installation due to access reasons, that will especially cost you more. The better the access is to the area, the less money you’ll spend on labor, and the job will get done quicker too.


Much like access to the area, the location of your home can also change your installation pricing. If your home is far away from the contractor’s city, they may need to make some adjustments to their pricing. They may need to buy materials from a different company that is closer to your home. A different company in a different city may charge more than what another company charges for the same materials. Not only for buying the materials, but where you’re dumping the excavated materials can cost more per city as well. If a subcontractor is needed, they may charge more as well for going outside their city. Different cities have different requirements as well for doing work, so if the contractor must pay for extra things for your specific city, that will cost you more as well. If the job will take several days to complete and is far away, the crew will have to charge for the travel expenses and rooms needed in order to complete the job. The city in which you live in can greatly affect the pricing of your quote.

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It’s important to remember that not all artificial turf installations are the same, so pricing is not all the same. Every project is different and requires an in-home estimate to find out the exact details and pricing for a job. No one likes getting “bait and switched,” so it’s important to get in-home estimates for the work before signing any contracts. If you’d like to receive an in-home estimate for an artificial turf installation, please contact us at 877-405-LAWN.

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