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Different Types of Borders

Different Types of Borders

It’s very common to install some sort of border that separates the artificial turf from the rest of the yard. Most of the time, if you’re installing a putting green or portioning off a section of your yard for the artificial turf, a border is an aesthetically pleasing way of doing so. There are several different types of borders one can install to separate areas of their yard. Below are some of our favorite borders to install.

Concrete Curb

One of the most common and most durable borders that buyers will install is a concrete curb. These long-lasting, durable borders are just as they sound. They are borders made and formed with cement. There are a couple different color options such as grey and tan that can be installed depending on your preference. This type of border will always give your yard a polished look.

Epic Edge/Bender Board

Epic Edge, also known as bender board, is a border used for when you don’t want an overwhelming noticeable border. Epic Edge is a composite edging made from plastic and wood fibers. The edging is sturdy, but still allows for molding curves and shapes. This type of border is one of the most desired due to its affordable cost and easy installation.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is another popular option for borders because it has a long lifespan and is much less expensive than the alternatives. Using treated wood for your borders will help prevent termites, rot and fungal decay. Pressure-treated lumber is great to use for straight edges.

Rolled Edge


Another type of “border” one can use for their artificial turf project is a rolled edge. By simply rolling the edges of the turf under, this gives the edges a nice finished look. Customers will commonly install mulch or rock next to the rolled edge so that it blends in together nicely. The benefit to a rolled edge border is that there are no extra materials required to do one.

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Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for with your yard, these are four great border options to choose from. With all the different types of borders today, it can get overwhelming, but these four options are our personal favorites. If you’d like to schedule a free estimate with us, please call 877-405-LAWN today!

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