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Is Artificial Turf Good for Dogs?

Is Artificial Turf Good for Dogs?

Is artificial turf good for dogs? Well, that can be a loaded question. It depends on what type of artificial turf you are installing and what the installation process is. Not all artificial turf products are created equal. Some will be horrible for dogs, but if you install a quality pet turf with the right installation process, then yes it can be good for dogs.

What to look for when finding the best:


When installing artificial turf specifically for pets, you will want a 100% permeable backing that is nonabsorbent. Most “pet turf” products are black urethane backings with holes punched in the back. The obvious flaw with this design is that no pet has that impeccable aim to make it all into one of the holes. Black urethane backings also absorb 5%-6% of moisture. When going through pet turf samples of artificial turf, you can easily eliminate any black urethane backings right away. You will then want to do your research on the material the turf manufacturer uses for the permeable backing and find out how much liquid drains per hour. The faster it drains, the better.


Besides the actual artificial turf product itself, it is also important to pay attention to the installation process. The type of base material used and how much of it can dramatically impact the drainage of the area. The best type of base to compact under the artificial turf is one that quickly drains. Dirt and decomposed granite do not drain that well. It is also important to compact enough base to help with drainage as well. Typically, 3-4 inches of base is recommended for good drainage.


Another especially important part of any installation of artificial turf for dogs is the infill sand used on top of the artificial turf. Normal silica sand infill has no odor combating properties to it. Using an antimicrobial sand infill will help with eliminating odors. Just be sure to ask how the sand works because some antimicrobial sand infills only work when triggered by something specific.

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