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Make the Switch to Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

Make the Switch to Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

What’s better than being water-wise and getting rewarded for it? Not only is switching to drought-tolerant landscaping saving water right now, but it’s also saving you money. With heat waves and Southern California constantly going in and out of a drought, it’s important to do your part to help save water. Our lawns are one of the top water guzzling things we use water for today. Could you imagine how much lower your water bill would be if you didn’t have to spend so much money on watering your yard? So much water would be saved if we all made the switch to drought-tolerant landscapes and artificial turf. Make the switch to drought-tolerant landscaping today to help save water and money.

Making a Difference

The benefits of switching to a drought-tolerant landscape far outweigh the benefits of grass or plants that require a lot of water to stay alive. There are so many aesthetically pleasing ways to transform your yard and still have it drought-friendly. When you hear drought-tolerant landscapes, you probably instantly think of just a bunch of rocks and cacti? That’s not the only way you can transform your yard though and still save money. Switching to a drip irrigation system and capping the sprinklers will give you so many options for landscaping. There are so many different drought- tolerant plants or plants that require very little water that can truly make a yard look beautiful. It’s completely understandable to want to have grass for your kids and pets to play on and to add some color to your yard. Artificial turf is the perfect alternative to sod or live grass. Artificial turf lasts longer than sod and requires very little maintenance. Installing artificial turf means a green lawn year-round with a lower water bill. Combining artificial turf with drought-tolerant plants, rocks, decomposed granite or mulch can give you so many options when designing a yard. There are countless alternatives to grass and water guzzling plants.

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You can’t deny the benefits when you make the switch to drought-tolerant landscaping. It’s hard to argue with saving money on your water bill, less maintenance, and doing your part to help with the Southern California drought. If you’re wanting to make the switch, contact us at 877-405-5296 to discuss your project and book a free estimate!

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