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What Makes ProLawn Turf Different

What Makes ProLawn Turf Different

With so many new artificial turf companies starting these days, how do you know which one to use? Which one is going to be the best company for your project? Which one will still be around in 5 years? With so many contractors now claiming to do artificial turf installation as well, how do you know they actually know what they’re doing? Artificial turf installation is a specific skill set that takes practice and experience to do correctly and accurately. Here at ProLawn Turf, we really like to focus on what makes ProLawn Turf different from other artificial turf companies. It’s what makes us different that makes us so successful.

#1 Experience

With 20 years of experience in the installation of artificial turf, we know what we’re doing. We were around before this “fake grass” movement started from the drought and amazing rebates. We started out in the industry as artificial golf green installers in 1998. Installing golf greens takes way more skill and attention to details than a lawn. If you start out as an artificial golf green installer, yards become easy as can be then. Through installing greens, we found customers were wanting this “fake grass” elsewhere throughout their yard to help save water and have less maintenance. With the drought, more and more customers began requesting artificial turf for their yards and this “fake grass” movement began. Installing artificial turf for yards was extremely easy for us to adjust to since we had so much experience already in installing artificial greens. Through the years, we improved our products to match a job’s specific needs and created new, better ways of installing. We’re one of the few companies around that can say we know exactly how our products and installations will look in 20 years.

#2 Products

Speaking of improved products, our products are definitely what makes us stand out in the artificial turf industry today. Our elevated products are hard to beat with how durable and realistic-looking they are. We’ve mastered every product to use in an installation. From the base to the turf itself. We won’t give away all our secrets because then we wouldn’t be superior in those areas anymore, but just know we use a road base instead of a DG product to make a better installation surface. We use an infill product that works best for eliminating pet odors, and we NEVER use crumb rubber infills. Our artificial grass has a 100% permeable backing system that makes it the most pet friendly artificial turf product around. Our artificial grass has heat reduction technology, no shine and engineered resilience. Did we mention it’s also 100% recyclable? How awesome is that? Both pets and homeowners love our artificial turf products. We’ve heard so many times how realistic our artificial turf products look. A lot of people can’t even tell it’s “fake grass” when passing by a job.

#3 Professional Service

We know that the person that gives you the estimate can make all the difference in your decision-making process. Here at ProLawn Turf, the best customer service is always extremely important to us. From booking your appointment for an estimate to doing a final walk-through of the completed job with the foreman, we care about your experience the entire way. We strive to make this the best and easiest process for you. We know you’re spending a lot of money on this, so we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your decision to choose us to complete your project. We treat every customer the same. Whether you’re Adam Levine or someone local who found us on Yelp!, we make sure everyone gets the same service. We’ve perfected our estimate process to make sure you’re getting the most knowledge about the turf industry as possible. Have a question or concern? We’ll have the answer for you. We focus on what’s best for the customer and true honesty about the industry and process. We guarantee professionalism the entire way. We do everything in our power to live up to our name, ProLawn Turf.

If you’re wanting to get the yard of your dreams, please give us a call at 877-405-5296 and mention this article for a free estimate. Find out for yourself what makes ProLawn Turf different from other artificial turf companies.

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