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New Artificial Turf: Revolution

The combining of science and technology can create masterpieces.  Sometimes scientific breakthroughs help us save time and money.  That’s what a new artificial turf: Revolution is all about!  These days it is more important than ever to conserve water whenever possible. 

Artificial turf allows you to maintain the value of your most prized asset, your home, by preserving the aesthetic value.  It is now possible for you to have a green, luscious lawn or yard 365 days a year without wasting a drop of California’s precious water supply.  Recent breakthroughs in turf design now helps the new Revolution artificial turf last longer than ever before.  A new polymer complete with ultra-violet light inhibitors will protect your Revolution artificial turf from sun damage.

The new state-of-the-art extrusion process helps makes fibers exceptionally strong with un-paralleled reflex capabilities so you know that it will maintain its shape.  A new concave & ridged construction of individual turf blade geometry eliminates breaking points and leaves a more natural looking grass blade.  The new Revolution artificial turf is being made in a brand new facility in Germany.  Your artificial turf lawn will now last longer than ever before.  The benefits of a turf lawn have been known for years.   You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually by cutting watering and maintenance costs.  Now you can save even more money knowing that your investment will look better and last even longer than previously thought. Revolution artificial turf stands apart from other ‘turf’ because safety, performance, longevity and efficiency where all taken into account during its development.

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Revolution’s patented in-fill system is like no other on the market.  Specially sized cryogenic rubber pellets and cleaned silica granules are layered, in a special installation process, around the fibers.  This has been deemed safer for athletes who come in contact with the fibers and will increase the durability and longevity of your Revolution artificial turf.  Another amazing feature of Revolution artificial turf is its SureLock coating.  This allows the backing to remain 40 percent porous for un-matched drainage and tuft binding.  More and more folks are becoming aware of the benefits of having artificial turf installed at their home or office.  Why not lead the ‘green’ movement in your neighborhood? The Revolution in artificial turf is at hand.  You can save money and water and help do your part in water conservation. You’ll have a lot more green in your yard and in your wallet!

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