Prolawn Supplies The Best Artificial Grass in Escondido

Escondido California is a quaint little town nestled just north and inland of San Diego.  Its population, as of the 2010 census was only 143,911.  The name literally translates from Spanish to mean ‘hidden’, which is not surprising when you see the town sits in a rocky little valley.  The landscaping in this city is amazing and has some of the best looking lawns and neighborhoods in Southern Cali.  Prolawn has been installing the best artificial grass in Escondido for over a decade!  Southern California, though beautiful, is in all actuality a desert!  Our dry Mediterranean climate gives us those long, hot summer days.

It can also bring with it severe drought.   Water conservation has become an important part of our everyday lives and will continue to be in the near future.  The way you conserve water now, can affect future generations in a positive way.  One of the best and most cost effective ways to conserve water is by getting artificial grass in Escondido.  Your wallet will be fatter after those water bills are due because you no longer have to spend tens of gallons of drinking water and hours of your day watering your lawn.  Having artificial grass in Escondido will maintain the beauty for your property and landscaping while saving California’s precious and dwindling water supply.  Prolawn is one of the most experienced installers and designers of artificial grass in business today.

They have worked side by side with the leading turf manufactures the world over to make sure their customers are getting the best products with the best prices available!  You can re-do that troublesome front lawn or have a personal putting green installed in your very own backyard.  The possibilities of having artificial grass in Escondido are endless.  Your kids and pets won’t notice the difference, they will think it is real grass because it looks and feels like no other artificial grasses.  However, you’ll know its not real grass because jeans will no longer be ruined due to grass stains, and its hypoallergenic so know allergy flair ups during the changing of the seasons.  Prolawn’s TUFFSPINE technology has helped revolutionize the turf industry.  It will stay green and maintain its shape for longer.   The expert team at Prolawn will work with you to make all your landscaping dreams become reality.  The amount of money you’ll save on your next few water bills will just about cover that ‘new’ lawn.  Artificial grass in Escondido is the way to go and Prolawn’s got the best!

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