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Save Money & Water by Installing Artificial Grass Carlsbad

Times, they are a changing! Water conservation is more important than ever before. Lead the charge and be the first in your neighborhood to have Prolawn upgrade that yard. Our 100 percent recyclable product line is the best artificial grass Carlsbad can provide. We have been helping San Diegans make their landscaping dreams become reality for over 10 years.

Install Artificial Grass Carlsbad to Help Your Community

The population of Southern California has sky rocketed in the last decade. Our water reserves have become stressed due to such a large increase in population. The increase in population coupled with global climate change has caused all of use to re- think how we use water. Having Prolawn install artificial grass Carlsbad will help your community and your wallet. Just think about the tens of thousands of gallons used last year to keep your lawns looking green and healthy. Now think about how much money your water and landscaping bills costs.

It’s time to save! You can have the greenest and best manicured lawn year round on your block. All you have to do is give the experts at Prolawn a call. We have been designing and installing custom lawns and putting greens all over Riverside County. A lot of companies say they have the best artificial grass Carlsbad, that’s simply not true. Our 100 percent polyolefin recyclable grass contains no urethane, latex or nylon is also 100 percent permeable so no worrying about mold growth or flooding.

We don’t use the black crumb fill system anymore which has helped create a cleaner and less harmful product line. Prolawn cares about your wallet and environment. We are all in this together! Unlike many of our competitors we offer installation support to ensure that your project is done right. We are even certified as installation trainers by one of the largest synthetic grass manufacturers in the country. If you consider yourself to be a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ they is no better way to the advice and materials you need. Our advice comes from professionals with years of installation and design experience.

We feel having artificial grass Carlsbad is a great way to make our community beautiful and sustainable. Our synthetic grass is totally customizable. You decide the length, size, shape and location. Give Prolawn a call today. Let’s work together to get you the ‘greenest’ yard available. artificial grass Carlsbad is the future!

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