Why You Should Hire a Professional Artificial Turf Installer

I’m sure you know that artificial turf is not the same as real grass. The process of installing artificial turf is a completely different process than laying down sod as well. There are so many reasons why you should hire a professional artificial turf installer for your job.  In order for your yard to look as realistic as possible with artificial turf, it has to be installed correctly. Lumps, bumps and visible seams will only make your lawn look extra fake instead of real. It’s important to have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to artificial turf, especially if you are installing artificial turf on a larger area. Smaller, rectangular areas are easier to do yourself or have your landscaper do, but as soon as cutting comes into play, it’s better to use a professional.

The Difference

Knowing the proper materials and skills for installing artificial turf is something that comes with practice and experience. Having an experienced company installing artificial turf for you will make everyone second guess if the turf is actually real or not. Using quality, American made artificial turf will give you the most realistic looking yard. Using the best base and digging for enough base will also help with how the installation looks. Hiding seams and cutting the turf properly to fit the area is something that only an experienced installer can master. It’s a skill that comes with practice because artificial turf is completely different from carpet and sod.

Using a professional to install your artificial turf will also save you so much time. A lot of people want to save money by installing the turf or doing the demolition themselves. They quickly realize how much work and time it takes though and later regret it. For a beginner, the process of installing artificial turf is very time consuming and hard. Time is money, so by the time you finally finish the proper demolition and installation, you’ll wish you just hired a professional to do it instead. Most of our average sized jobs only take us one day to do versus the week it would take a beginner to do. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with family and friends? Maybe just relaxing on your weekends instead of working some more?

Do Yourself a Favor

Between the skills and right materials needed and the time you would be saving, hiring a professional to install your artificial turf is definitely worth it. Wouldn’t it be so upsetting to not like the way your yard looks because the way it was installed made it look worse than before? All these reasons are why you should hire a professional artificial turf installer instead of doing it yourself or having a general landscaper do it. Get your money’s worth and the best value on your home. Installation of artificial turf will not increase the value of your home if it’s installed poorly. Do yourself a favor and call us today at 877-405-5296 to get a free estimate.