A Golfer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Putting Green Turf in Temecula

Installing a putting green turf can transform your golf practice sessions, making them more accessible and enjoyable. But how do you choose the right turf? This guide from ProLawn will help you navigate through the options to find the perfect fit for your golfing needs.

Key Takeaways:

Understand: Putting green turf is a specialized artificial grass designed for golf, offering consistent ball roll and minimal maintenance, ideal for both professional and enthusiast golfers.

Consider: When choosing the best putting green turf, evaluate factors such as skill level, maintenance requirements, stimp/speed, and budget to ensure it aligns with your golfing needs and lifestyle preferences.

Specifics: The turf material, face weight, and pile height at ProLawn, each factor playing a significant role in the turf’s performance, durability, and resemblance to professional golf course conditions.

What is Putting Green Turf?

Poway CA Synthetic Putting Green by ProLawn

Putting green turf is a specialized form of artificial grass, crafted for golf applications. This innovative surface is designed to mimic the characteristics of a professional golf course’s green, providing a consistent and predictable ball roll every time.

Unlike natural grass, which can vary in texture, length, and firmness, artificial putting green turf maintains a uniform surface, free from the irregularities that can affect your game. This leads to a more reliable and enjoyable golfing experience, whether you’re practicing long putts or working on your short game.

For golfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals it’s great to have access to a putting green! It provides an opportunity to practice and improve your game conveniently, without the need to travel to a golf course. Whether it’s installed in your backyard, indoor practice area, or a dedicated golf room, putting green turf brings a piece of the golf course to you!

How to Choose the Best Putting Green Turf

Carlsbad ProLawn Putting Green

Selecting the ideal putting green turf for your Temecula home involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your specific golfing needs and lifestyle preferences.

Skill Level

Murrieta CA Putting Green by ProLawn

The choice of turf should align with your golfing proficiency. Beginners may benefit from a more forgiving surface, while advanced golfers often seek turfs that offer a fast, smooth roll and can mimic challenging conditions.


While all artificial turfs require less maintenance than natural grass, their upkeep can vary. Basic care typically involves keeping the turf clean and occasionally brushing, but some premium turfs might need more specific maintenance routines.


The stimp rating, or speed, of a putting green turf, measures how far a ball rolls on the turf. It affects the game’s difficulty and realism. Choose a turf with a stimp rating that matches the speed of your preferred golfing venues.


Budget considerations are crucial. Higher-end turfs usually offer greater longevity and better playability but come at a higher cost. It’s essential to find a balance between the performance you desire and the amount you’re willing to invest.

By thoughtfully considering these factors – skill level, maintenance, stimp/speed, and budget – you can select the best putting green turf for your home in Temecula, enhancing your golfing experience and property value.

Putting Green Turf Material

Carlsbad CA Backyard Putting Green by ProLawn

The choice of material for your putting green turf is crucial in determining both its feel underfoot and its performance characteristics. At ProLawn, we offer materials that are designed with specific golfing needs in mind. We have a large selection including our Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend.

Additionally, we integrate advanced technology into our turf materials, ensuring they are UV-stabilized to resist fading and are environmentally friendly. This diversity in materials allows us to cater to a wide range of golfing preferences, ensuring that every customer finds a turf that feels right and performs brilliantly, whether it’s for rigorous practice sessions or leisurely games in the backyard.

Putting Green Turf Face Weight

Face weight refers to the amount of turf material per square yard. A higher face weight indicates a greater quantity of material used. Generally, a larger amount of material results in a denser and more robust turf, enhancing its longevity. For optimal performance, putting greens are best suited with a face weight ranging from 40 to 60 ounces.

This is particularly important for avid golfers who use their putting greens frequently. At ProLawn, our range of turf options includes varying face weights, allowing you to choose a product that balances playability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity to match your specific needs.

Putting Green Turf Pile Height

Pile height, the length of the turf blades, plays a big role in the performance of a putting green. Shorter blades, typically ranging from about 0.375 to 0.5 inches, are ideal for putting greens.

This shorter pile height is designed to mimic the grass of professional golf courses, providing a smooth, fast surface that allows the ball to roll true. It helps improve the putting green’s overall playability and response to golf shots. ProLawn’s putting green turfs are engineered with optimal pile heights to ensure that they not only look like professional greens but also perform like them.

Whether you’re practicing your short game or enjoying a round with friends, our putting greens with their carefully selected pile heights offer an authentic golfing experience right in your backyard.


Choosing the right putting green turf for your home in Temecula involves understanding your needs, preferences, and the technical aspects of the turf. ProLawn’s expertise and wide range of products can assist you in creating a golfing haven right in your backyard.

Whether it’s for fun, practice, or enhancing your landscape, the right turf can make all the difference. Start your journey to a perfect home putting green today with ProLawn – where quality meets passion for the game.


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