If you have been searching for an artificial grass installer in Winchester look no further. The professionals at Prolawn are here for you! Our business has been raised on the foundation of integrity, honesty and hard work. We have been leading the way for Southern California and artificial grass installation since 1999. For over a decade we have worked side by side with the leading U.S. manufacturers to bring new insight and innovation to the development of artificial grass.

Our work force has been dubbed a professional installation trainer so we are the best qualified artificial grass company in Winchester hands down. Our entire product line contains no urethane, nylon or latex so they are 100 percent recyclable! We think it is important to have the ‘greenest’ lawns in the neighborhood. You can save money on water and landscaping and help California conserve water. Sounds like a pretty good deal! You might hear another artificial grass company in Winchester claim to be the best. But that just wouldn’t be the truth.

Prolawn is run like a family; we understand the importance of team work and getting along. Our staff is highly trained and understands the entire realm of the artificial grass
industry from design and production to installation. We only use the duro-flow backing system which allows for 100 percent drainage, no need to worry about mold or smells. One problem with ‘other grass’ products is when the fibers mat down over time. Well, you don’t have to worry about our lawns and turfs matting down.

Our fibers are made using a cylindrical shaped shaft that runs up the middle of each blade. Every single blade of your grass will pop back up because that’s what we have designed it to do. Our Tuffspine technology will last longer. Don’t worry about your lawn looking ‘real’ because it will. Our combination of 3 color yarns and low luster product reduces that shiny fake lawn look restores that grassy look. Our 15 year limited warranty remains unmatched! In our entire time in the business we have only seen one lawn that needed to be replaced due to UV damage.

The other guys warranty will most likely cover this and only this (not installation costs), however Prolawn’s warranty covers all installation costs if this should ever occur. If you want the best artificial grass company in Winchester to work for you then call Prolawn today!