How to Achieve a Drought-Friendly Yard in Southern California

Wanting to ditch the water guzzling plants, flowers and grass? With the drought-friendly yards becoming more and more popular in Southern California, how do you go about achieving one without losing the aesthetically pleasing look of a super green, colorful yard? In order to achieve a super green, colorful yard with plants, flowers and grass that are not drought-friendly, you will have to be spending tons of money on water and wasting gallons and gallons of water on your lawn. With not knowing when the next drought crisis will be, it’s important to help prevent the next serious drought in Southern California. Helping to conserve water as much as possible will keep us out of the next drought. We understand that when you think of a drought-friendly yard, you probably just think of burning hot rocks and weed like plants. We’re here to help you select plants that are not only drought-tolerate, but are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It’s really all in the design. How you design your yard will make a huge difference is how good it looks with more drought-tolerate plants. Most companies offer a free design consultation and quote so that you can get an expert’s opinion and touch on your yard’s makeover. How you choose to place the plants with other plants and where you place them can make all the difference. Adding curbing and stepping stones within the design can also help improve a boring design.

If you still want a super green lawn, but don’t want to waste tons of water and money on real grass, you should definitely invest in artificial turf. When you choose quality artificial grass like the products we use here at ProLawn Turf, your lawn won’t look fake and shiny, it will look real from afar. Your grass will be green year-round and you’ll be saving money in the long run.

If you’re wanting to add some more green to your lawn with plants, there are so many drought-tolerate options that work great. To give some volume and dimension, Nassella Tenuissima is a plant that’s great for filling in areas with more green. These plants reach approximately 2 feet tall and wide with their wispy green blades and blond summer flower heads. Another great plant to cover an area with would be the Creeping Wire Vine. These dense mounds of tiny leaves can be mowed yearly and tolerate poor soil and wind. Succulents and Cacti are not only very trendy right now, but they are also drought-tolerate plants that need very little maintenance. Their texture and shape give your yard something a little extra. Parry’s Nolina is a very drought-tolerate succulent that is native to Southern California, so it’s the perfect fit for any SoCal home.

If you’re wanting to add some color to your yard, there are still many options to choose from that are drought-tolerate. Cacti like Showy Stonecrop, Mojave Mound, and Hen and Chicken are all Cacti with a splash of color. Portulacas are another great way to add color with different rainbow hues. This plant grows in low clusters and thrives in sunny spots. Lantanas would be a great choice for a container because of its brightly colored blossoms that grow 3 to 6 feet tall and wide. Lavender is always a great plant to add to any landscape. It not only helps you relax, but because of its origins from the Mediterranean and Middle East, it also tolerates drought. Another plant with purple hues that’s great for giving your landscaping some more length would be Russian Sage. These 2 to 5 feet stem plants only need a sunny spot to thrive.

When using these plants along with artificial grass, your landscaping will look just as aesthetically pleasing as a water guzzling yard would. Give us a call today for a free design consultation and quote by calling 877-405-5296 to make an appointment.

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