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The long-term drought in California has led to an increase in water rates, making it difficult for property owners to keep their natural grass looking healthy. In many cities, there are regulations concerning how often residents can water their lawns each week, leading to brown or dead grass.

Keep California Lawns Looking Gorgeous with Artificial Grass

With the year-round hot climate in California, it is nearly impossible to have beautiful green grass on a property’s lawns. A great solution for this problem is replacing natural grass with artificial grass that is frequently made from recycled materials such as water bottles or vehicle tires.

Stop Spending Money on Frequent Lawn Care

The artificial grass installers San Diego property owners trust can create a lush outdoor environment at a residential or commercial location in only a few hours. More importantly, artificial turf does not require frequent lawn care each week with chores such as mowing, fertilizing or watering. Property owners no longer need to buy and maintain expensive equipment such as riding lawn mowers or irrigation systems. It can cost thousands of dollars to buy a high-quality lawn mower, and there is the additional cost of filling the device with gasoline. A property owner might need to mow their lawns every three to seven days, and the chore can require several hours in bright sunlight.

Avoid Having Lawn Pests that Sting or Bite

The artificial grass installers San Diego customers recommend can change a property owner’s life when a lawn is covered with a product that does not require mowing. Instead of working outside several hours a week to keep a property’s lawns looking perfect, a property owner is able to relax and enjoy life. With beautiful artificial grass, there is no reason to carry buckets of water outside or to use a garden hose. Artificial grass looks like natural grass but does not attract pests such as ants or honeybees that can bite or sting, making it easier to enjoy being outside.

Call to Arrange a Free Estimate with ProLawn Turf’s Design Team

Contact the artificial grass installers San Diego property owners recommend at 1-877-405-5296 for a property inspection and free design estimate. We offer artificial grass that is safe for pets and resistant to heat. Our artificial grass is suitable for use at commercial or residential locations. Artificial grass is quick to install, and customers can continue to have large trees, lush shrubbery and attractive flower beds to have unique landscaping. ProLawn Turf is located in Murrieta, Calif., and the installers have over 16 years of experience. Since the drought began in our region our company’s slogan has been When in Drought, Turf it Out.

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