Artificial Turf and Weeds: What Gives?

When it comes to artificial turf and weeds, what gives? A common myth about artificial turf is that there is no maintenance involved. Does artificial turf result in less maintenance? Yes. However, there are certain things in nature that we simply cannot control, weeds being one of them.


Can Weeds Grow Through Artificial Turf?

When you see weeds on and around artificial turf, your initial thought is probably that the weeds started growing underneath the turf and made their way through the backing. You might assume that the installers did not excavate all the weeds underneath the turf, resulting in weeds growing up through the artificial turf backing. This is simply not the case though. When you see weed growth, the weed initially starts on top of the surface of the artificial turf. As we know, weed’s seeds get picked up by the wind and travel from location to location. If you have weeds in other parts of your yard, or your neighbors have weeds in their yard, the weed’s seeds are even more likely to travel to your artificial turf area. Once a weed’s seed lands on the surface of your artificial turf, the seed will begin to grow within the sand infill on top.


How to Remove Weeds from Artificial Turf

These weeds are very easy to remove if they are taken care of right away. Since the weeds initially grow on top of the surface, they can easily be pulled out by hand or sprayed down with a weed killer and then raked off. The longer you wait to remove the weeds, the harder they are to remove though. Waiting too long to remove the weeds will also result in more weeds growing around the area.


How Our ProFlow Backing Reduces Weed Growth

If you are having a busy week and you do not have time to pull the weeds that have appeared on your lawn, do not worry, our ProFlow backing can give you more time. Of course, all types of artificial turf will still get weeds. There is no way to prevent that. However, a strong, resistant backing can help control it. An artificial turf backing that has perforations allows the weeds to take root easily beneath the turf. Once the weed is left to sit for too long, the weed will then be allowed to root deep below and start growing down into the ground through the perforations. These weeds will now be harder to remove. These deep-rooted weeds could potentially damage the turf and result in the area(s) needing to get replaced.

artificial turf with bad weed growth artificial turf with bad weed growth artificial turf with bad weed growth

Here at ProGreen, our ProFlow backing does not have any perforations in the backing. This means that it will be harder for the weeds to take root below the turf. When you make it harder, it gives you more time. There is no way to beat Mother Nature, but we sure can make it harder on her!


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