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Considering Artificial Turf For Your Furry Friend

The drought in California continues to expand as La Nina is set for fall and winter 2016. This weather pattern means that the winter will be drier than normal so your property won’t see the rain that it needs to feed your grass. It’s true that you’ll still pay high rates for that water even as winter rains try to douse the Southern California area. It’s time to consider the benefits of an artificial turf, especially if you have a furry friend. In fact, man’s best friend can use this turf in the same manner as a real lawn.

Your Dog’s Habits

Before you install San Diego artificial grass for pets, observe your dog’s behavior. Many canines prefer to use a certain area of the yard for their waste. When the dog enjoys the west-side corner of your backyard, consider that area to be prime real estate for artificial turf. As professionals look at your yard for an initial estimate, tell them about this preference so that they can design the concept around that habit. Although you’ll probably replace all of the grass with artificial materials, the dog’s favorite area should be designed with smart drainage in mind.

High-Quality Drainage Design

Problems can occur when you install turf that’s not high-quality materials, including:

• Absorbing urine odors
• Allowing puddles to remain under the turf
• Permanent odor problems

You should look for San Diego artificial grass for pets that has a 100-percent drainage factor. Spun plastic, for example, allows any liquid to pass right through to the drainage area below. Odors and liquids can be instantly hosed away.

Evaluating Artificial Grass Cost

Each yard is unique to its size and contours. Your ultimate artificial grass cost will be an accurate quote offered by the installing company. Keep in mind that you’re saving a lot of maintenance money in the future because an artificial turf doesn’t require these items, such as:

• Mowing
• Watering
• Fertilizing

The initial cost to install your turf is the main investment. Afterward, you simply need to keep up with maintenance by combing and rinsing the turf off on a regular basis.

The Final Appearance

When the turf is completed, it should have a similar appearance to a real lawn. In fact, it might have slight color variances so that it does look real to the untrained eye. Allow your dog to explore the new turf and claim it as his or her own.

When you realize that San Diego artificial grass for pets is crucial to your home, contact ProLawn Turf at 1-877-405-5296. These professionals offer free design estimates so that you know what the project will look like well before any contracts are signed. An artificial grass cost doesn’t have to be exorbitant. In fact, you should love where you live!

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