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How to Compare Estimates from Different Companies

It’s not just the price that matters in an estimate. Knowing where those numbers are coming from is what is most important about an estimate. Many factors come into play on where a contractor gets his or her pricing. Knowing the difference in the value between the estimates is what you will need to focus on when collecting estimates from different companies. Knowing how to compare estimates from different companies is a skill that will save you time and money in the future. It’s also what’s going to get you the most for your money.

A lot of companies today will try to sell you only on the overall price, not their products and services. Clearly, this is what a company with poor products and services only have to offer over their competitors. Lying to costumers on what they are paying for is unfortunately a sales tactic that many companies use today to get the sale. It’s important to get other opinions and set up a checklist to compare the companies. One estimate may be way less in price because you’re getting way less products and services. When looking to make the switch to artificial turf or to add a putting green to the yard, many important factors will determine the price. It’s important to take all these factors into consideration when looking through estimates, not just the price. This will ensure that you’re getting the best products and services for the best price. Here are some important factors to add to your bid comparison checklist:

  1. What’s their California License Number? Do they even have a license?
  2. The year the company opened?
  3. The year the principal began in the industry?
  4. Does the company have any national affiliations?
  5. What’s their BBB rating?
  6. Have you checked out their reviews online?
  7. What’s their liability insurance policy number and expiration date?
  8. What’s their worker’s comp policy number and expiration date?
  9. How knowledgeable was the salesperson?
  10. Where is the product made and what is it made of?
  11. How realistic did the product look? Was it shiny? Does it have poor drainage or is it 100% permeable?
  12. What’s the product warranty?
  13. What’s the workmanship warranty?
  14. What’s their measurements? Were they detailed measurements? How many square feet did they get compared to other companies?
  15. Are plants, rocks, etc. included or excluded from the estimate price?
  16. What’s their base material?
  17. What’s their depth of base?
  18. What’s their infill material and amount?
  19. Was an insurance certificate provided to you?
  20. How detailed was the proposal they gave you?

Both products and services matter when installing artificial turf. All the factors above improve or ruin a yard. Be sure to get all the correct information from every salesperson. If you want to add our company to your list of estimates, give us a call at 877-405-5296 for a free estimate!

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