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Benefits to Installing Recyclable Artificial Turf

When something can be recycled versus not being recycled, wouldn’t you always want to go with the thing that can be recycled? That was our thought process when selecting artificial turf to install. Collecting an inventory of 100% recyclable turf is something we take pride in here at ProLawn Turf. Not only does it help the Earth, but there are also other benefits to installing recyclable artificial turf as well.

Not being wasteful is an obvious benefit to installing recyclable artificial turf. Being able to procure and consume natural raw materials to reduce space needed for landfills is something we wanted to ensure with our artificial turf products. Artificial turf is a fairly new industry, so many of the products being made today are being made poorly and are not recyclable. This means when it comes time to rip out those poorly made products, the turf won’t be able to be recycled and will just sit in landfills. Who knows how long your artificial turf will last? What if you decide you want to switch to a different, new product because you’re not happy with the way your current installation looks? All that artificial turf that isn’t recyclable will just be waste put in landfills.

Installing recyclable artificial turf also means saving energy and decreasing harmful emissions. This will help with our air and water pollution. With installing recyclable artificial turf, you can sleep through the night knowing that your artificial turf helped save energy and decreased the amount of harmful emissions. That’s an awesome feeling! When the time ever comes to get rid of our artificial turf, it won’t be thrown in a landfill, but will be reused instead.

Saving energy also means saving money. With raw materials being reused, this means more money can be spent on other important necessities. We also won’t have to rely on purchasing as much foreign oil, which saves you money in the long run too.  Saving money is an unexpected benefit to installing recyclable artificial turf, but it’s an important one.

The benefits to installing recyclable artificial turf may seem small, but they make a huge difference. Our artificial turf is 100% recyclable, so you can guarantee that you’re making a smart choice when using our turf in your yard. For a free estimate, give us a call today at 877-405-5296 and mention this article.

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