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The Importance of Experience

With 20 years of experience in the installation of artificial turf, comes 20 years of knowledge. Through this knowledge in this fairly new industry, you realize the importance of experience. With so many landscaping companies now installing artificial turf, the skill and efficiency has been lost. A lot of companies with no real experience or training in the installation of artificial turf and putting greens are now claiming to be turf installers because this industry has really boomed over the past years, especially in warmer states like Southern California, Texas and Arizona. In these warmer states, we are seeing more desert landscaping and people wanting to spend less on water. In result, artificial turf has become a great alternative to real grass for landscaping. Landscaping companies now have to compete with artificial turf companies to stay in business, so they are now claiming to be artificial turf installers as well. Installing artificial turf is a completely different process than installing real grass though. To make your lawn look as realistic as possible, skill and proper training are needed.

Only with practice and true experience can a company call themselves professional artificial turf installers. Too many times we see a landscaper with no training or experience installing artificial turf and doing it completely wrong, but still charging the customer as we would. Through our experience in installing artificial turf, we’ve mastered our process and products. Only through a company with years of experience will you get a quality installation. The knowledge a company gains through experience helps them realize what must be done and changed to perfect the installation process. Using only quality products and doing the installation a certain way will guarantee a great looking yard. You wouldn’t hire a pond guy to make you a pool would you? It’s the same thing with artificial turf. It’s a completely different type of landscaping that takes a completely different skill set and training compared to regular landscaping. Hiring an artificial turf company with years of experience will ensure that you’re getting what you paid for. The worst feeling in the world is paying a bunch of money for something and not being happy with it. You’ll then just wish you paid a little bit more money to be actually happy with the outcome. We’ve heard it way too many times to count. Customers will come back to us after they had a cheaper company do the installation for them and then will ask us if we can fix or do anything for them because they regret not going with us in the first place. Value will always outweigh cost in the end.

The importance of experience is everything in the construction world. Landscaping and construction are expensive, so it’s important the person actually knows what they are doing and are capable of doing a good job at it too. Not doing your homework can lead to you being very disappointed and unhappy with your project.

Here at ProLawn Turf, we have 20 years of experience in the installation of artificial turfs. We’ve learned along the way and have seen everything there is to see and experience. We know what our turf and installations will look like in 20 years. We know what products to use over others. We know what techniques work better than others as well. We know turf. We know the importance of experience. If you’re looking for a realistic turf installation, give us a call today for a free estimate at 877-405-5296 and mention this article.

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