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How to Install Artificial Grass

How to Install Artificial Grass Like a Boss

Follow these simple instructions to install ProLawn like a pro…


Step 1: Define and Measure
Define, paint and measure your potential turf area. Keeping in mind that turf comes in 15′ widths, measure what your lineal footage of turf will be. All turf must be laid out in the same direction.

Step 2: Excavate
A minimum depth of 5″ is suggested for base material and turf. Remove grass, dirt, or other materials to leave a 5″ reveal inside all borders. Cap and/or remove any irrigation within the specified area, as required.

Step 3: Install Borders
Concrete curbing or polypropylene wood-flexd bender board are recommended, as they will last as long as the turf. Make sure your borders carry a warranty similar to that of the turf being installed.

Step 4: Primary Base Layer
Install 3/4″ minus aggregate material at a minimum depth of 2″. Rake out evenly, or to desired contour. Keep drainage and water flow in mind during this process. (1yd. of this material will cover 150 s.f. at depth of 2″)

Step 5: Wet Down and Compact
Slightly wet the entire surface. Using a vibrating plate compactor, compact the surface several times. Repeat untill base is very hard.

Step 6: Leveling Layer
Install a leveling layer of decomposed granite (1/4″ minus) at a depth of 1″. Rake to desired grade and compact, as mentioned in the previous steps. (1yd. of this material will cover approximately 310 s.f. at a depth of 1″)

Step 7: Roll, Tack, and Cut
Once base is completed, roll out turf and tack in place, using galvanized nails (16d or 40d), spikes, or landscape staples. Then cut turf into all perimeter borders as necessary. A carpet knife is recommended.

Step 8: Secure Perimeter
Secure the perimeter of the turf every 6″-12″, using galvanized nails (16d or 40d), spikes, or landscape staples.

Step 9: Silica Sand
Using a drop spreader, like those used to distribute fertilizer, evenly distribute #20 grit silica sand over entire turf area. ProLawn recommends using between 1 lb. and 3 lbs. of silica sand to lend weight to the turf. This helps to prevent expansion and contraction of the turf during temperature changes.

Step 10: Brooming
Work the silica sand down into the fibers of the turf, by using a 24″ stiff bristle, or coarse nylon push broom. If available, power brooms can make this step faster and easier.

Step 11: Enjoy your New ProLawn

Step 12: Tell one of your jealous friends to give us a call.

As in any industry, not all turf products are created equal. ProLawn’s line of turf products are evaluated and chosen based on specific attributes that help ensure the lifetime look and performance of the turf products.

Unique attributes include the patented 100% permeable geo-textile DuraFloTM Backing System, low to NO shine yarns, lower abrasion fibers with 3D Wave Fiber Technology and Heat Reduction yarns are crucial to the long term success of the installation. Discontinued use of the black crumb rubber in-fill systems have also created a cleaner, less harmful turf solution. In an industry that is being fueled by the “GREEN” movement, ProLawn’s products stand amongst a select few of truly 100% RECYCLABLE artificial turf products. ProLawn is proud to have helped developed a 100% polyolefin based product line that contains no urethane, latex, or nylon, which would limit whole product recyclability.

These characteristics have been developed to satisfy the demand of first generation turf clients who have experienced the downsides of the common “fake grass”. ProLawn’s owners benefit from having been installing turf during the first generation of landscape use and have been instrumental in making changes to improve these downsides first hand. Everyone says they have the best turf product available, but few explain why other than how it looks. ProLawn has done the research and has the technical data and experience to back it up!

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