Prolawn has the Best Artificial Turf in San Diego

Summer is here!  That means long sunny days at the beach, barbecues and ridiculous water bills!  It’s time to stop wasting so much money and water my fellow southern Californians.  Prolawn can design and install custom artificial turf in San Diego.  They have more than 10 years of experience in a field that has seen numerous changes in the last few years.  Those messy and non-recyclable old rubber crumb-filled systems are done for.  Prolawn offers artificial turf that you won’t see anywhere else.  While working with leading U.S. turf manufacturers Prolawn helped make their 100 percent recyclable, TUFFSPINE technology turfs.  People can barely tell the difference between real grass and Prolawn’s synthetic stuff. In addition to offering the best professional artificial turf in San Diego, Prolawn has made it their mission to make these high quality products available to the everyday do-it-yourselfer’.

They are certified, by one of the biggest turf makers in the U.S., as professional installation instructors.  You’ll never have to water your new artificial turf in San Diego.  Your grass will stay green and bouncy for 365 days a year.  Don’t worry about those rainy, stormy months either. Prolawn products are all 100 percent permeable so you won’t have to worry about bad drainage, flooding and mold growth!  Their patented ‘Duraflo Backing System’ allows for 100 percent drainage over the entire surface of your turf.  This new system drains at a rate nearly twice that of other latex and urethane turfs.  Unlike the ‘other guys’ Prolawn offers all of its client’s professional sales and installation support to help ensure their project meets nothing but 100 percent success. They are here to provide long lasting artificial turf to San Diego for residential, commercial, and municipal applications.  Saving money is cool, helping save the environment is even cooler.  Once your new artificial grass is installed you won’t need to waste a drip of water watering the lawn, ever!  Artificial grass in San Diego is the future of landscaping for Southern California.  There are already over 38 million people in the state!  We need to take a serious look at how we use water on an everyday basis.  What better way to cut back on water usage than by not having to water your lawn?  Such a small step can make a big difference.  Just think if everyone had artificial turf in San Diego, imagine how much water we could save annually!  Not all turf out there is truly ‘green’. Only Prolawn has the prices, experience and materials that Southern California deserves.  Get artificial turf in San Diego and get ahead of the game.

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