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The Best Artificial Turf for Kids

The Best Artificial Turf for Kids

What’s the best artificial turf for kids? What’s the safest turf for kids? Is there a difference? We’ve talked about pet-friendly artificial turf, but what about kid-friendly artificial turf? The safety of not only your dogs, but your children as well, should be a major factor to consider when deciding on which artificial turf product you’re going to install. Not all artificial turf products are the same.

Does the artificial turf product have lead in it?

As we know, lead can be very dangerous and can cause major health concerns. It’s something we don’t want our kids or dogs to be around. Making sure the products you purchase are lead-free definitely applies to artificial turf products as well. Many imported artificial turf products, especially Chinese artificial turf products, are not tested for lead and many have lead in them. It’s important to know what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Purchasing reused or “recycled” artificial turf can be dangerous as well because there’s no telling where that artificial turf actually came from and how it was made because with reused artificial turf, the paper trail on the product is lost. What if the imported or reused artificial turf has high amounts of lead in it? Is that something you want to risk for your children? Are those couple hundreds of dollars’ worth the safety of your children? We think not. It’s important to use new, American made artificial turf products because America tests for lead in their products. American made products are tested so that they can ensure there is no lead in them. American made artificial turf is the best for kids.

Does it have heat reduction?

Another important factor to consider when selecting the type of artificial turf you want to use is heat. Many artificial turf products now offer heat reduction technology. This makes the plastic turf cooler than normal artificial turf products that don’t have it built in. Some artificial turf products have better heat reduction than others too. Here at ProLawn Turf, our artificial turf is 18-20 degrees cooler than the regular artificial turf products that don’t have the heat reduction technology. If your kids are going to be playing on the artificial turf during summer time, you want to make sure it’s as cool as possible.

Is it permeable?

Juice box down!! Kids can be messy sometimes, so if they’re playing with liquids on the turf, you’ll want to make sure you have a permeable backing artificial turf product to wash everything away. Having better drainage is always a plus with artificial turf products, especially if your kids like to pretend that they’re dogs (if you know what we mean).

Do your kids get bad allergies?

If your kids suffer from hay fever, artificial turf may be the perfect solution for you. Real grass causes allergies and symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy noise, hives, trouble breathing and more. Artificial turf is hypoallergenic, so it may be the best solution for your kids so they can still play outside during spring and summer.

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