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Why You Should Use American Made Artificial Turf

Why You Should Use American Made Artificial Turf

Is all turf created equal? No. That’s why ProLawn Turf always uses American made artificial turf products only, and why you should use American made artificial turf products only as well. With artificial turf still being a fairly new industry, information about artificial turf can be easily skewed and manipulated. Many have not yet fully educated themselves on this industry. Companies know this and often take advantage of the customers that don’t know the different options they have today with artificial turf products and the installation of the artificial turf. Because this is a new industry, many customers have found that their job was just a test for a company or just another paycheck without really caring about the customers. With that being said, here at ProLawn Turf, we care about the longevity of the products and work put into everyone’s job. We only want the best for our customers.

USA Turf vs Imported Turf

What Are You Buying?

Imported turf may not be held to the same standards as turf manufactured in the United States of America. It’s difficult to know exactly what you are buying. We have seen thousands of turf samples over our 21+ year career in the turf installation industry. We have had reps in our office from just about every company in every country around the world. We have seen imported products that look pretty good in sample form, but after 6 months of sitting in the warehouse, the backing begins to crack and deteriorate. The issue here is we don’t know the chemical makeup of the urethane compounds with imported products. In many cases, these backing systems are latex rubber compounds. Many imported products also have lead and heavy metal contaminants in them.

American made manufacturers are quick to produce records of batch runs, chemical recipes, etc. to show things such as the UV inhibitors. These items are nearly impossible to get from an overseas manufacturer, especially if you are having an issue with the product. American made manufacturers must follow stringent federal, state and local regulations in regards to product content such as lead and heavy metal contaminants. Imported turf from Asia is tested in Asia. Just like their toys, their artificial turf may not be held to the same product content standards as in America and may result in artificial turf that is not safe or environmentally friendly.

How Long Will It Last?

If you don’t know exactly how it is made and what it is made of, you cannot even begin to guess how long it will last. What we do know is that when a sample begins to fail after being indoors at our office for 6 months, it’s a safe bet that it will not last nearly as long without the commencement of failure after installation. At least twice a month, we get calls asking for us to come replace someone’s turf that another company installed because their imported artificial turf is falling apart, changing colors, or smells horrible from their dogs. American made manufacturers use high-quality fibers that stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your artificial turf for years to come.

Is the Warranty Enforceable?

In almost all of the warranty claims on overseas turf, you are reliant upon the importer to satisfy the claim. Unlike American manufacturers, an overseas turf company is not going to ship out one replacement roll to replace your lawn. Importers buy this turf by the carton full and are often taking advantage of special pricing. If your turf fades in two years, and the importer does not have any of your turf left, then you are likely out of luck. If you have a warranty claim on a product made in the USA, you call the mill and then they send you a roll. It’s that easy, and it should be.

Is It a Good Roll of Turf?

With imported rolls of artificial turf, you have no idea if the turf that was shipped from Asia is a factory second or third, has slight defects, or is a limited production. With American made rolls, that is all tracked and noted.

Why Is Imported Turf Cheaper?

Chinese turf is much cheaper, even after shipping half way across the world. The reasons why it is cheaper are the same reasons not to buy it. China utilizes cheap labor, lower manufacturing standards, cheaper materials, and reduced specifications. If you cannot afford to buy an American turf product, then you should not be buying turf. When you buy American made turf, you are employing Americans. This can cost much more to do than it does to employ Chinese workers in China. “Buy American” is not just a catch phrase… it really means something to the US workers in the mills, and to their families.

Why take the risk? Why risk your investment and the safety of your family and pets? Why risk having to spend even more money to redo your artificial turf again because you chose an imported product instead of an American made product the first time around? Now you’ve just spent way more money on this project. We’ve seen it a thousand times, so that’s why you should use American made artificial turf. Give us a call today at 877-405-LAWN for a free quote.

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